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What can be said about Horus Rising that hasn’t been said before? The Horus Heresy was a brand new venture, and had it not been for Dan’s masterful portrayal of the Warmaster as a force for good, the series might not have taken off in the way did.

The Story
At the dawn of the 31st millennium, the Imperium of Man has reasserted its dominance over the galaxy. It is a golden age of rediscovery and conquest, and the Emperor’s Great Crusade has placed his superhuman primarch sons at the head of the mighty Space Marine Legions – the most powerful military force ever assembled. Newly promoted to serve as the Emperor’s Warmaster, the idealistic Horus now stands above his brothers, even as the Crusade enters what must surely be its final stages and dark, cosmic truths begin to reveal themselves. Far beyond the alien threat of malignant xenos breeds or rogue human civilisations, a war now looms that could threaten the final extinction of mankind... The first novel in the epic series, detailing the fall of mankind at the peak of the Great Crusade. Warmaster Horus leads his Legion in the name of the Emperor... but for how long?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 24
Black Library

Customer Reviews

Josh12614 ,


Everything that I wanted the book to be when looking for a sci-fi fantasy series to get stuck into. I’m not a WH40K player but love the depth and range of the universe and that there’s always more to discover. This book was a brilliant introduction.

auraboy ,

Surprisingly well written

I guess most people reading these are in for the story and plot rather than great literary displays - having read some of the other authors in the series the ideas far outweigh the execution, but Dan Abnett is a fair bit better than the others I've read so far. He does get a bit bogged down with over describing some of the battles but mostly he keeps it to character and suggestion - whereas some of his other heresy series authors indulge in a lot of both show and tell and amateur fantasy fandom. I'll read all of them for the story completeness but I'll probably only find myself rereading the Abnett books for actually treating the audience like grown ups rather than gaming detail nerds.

Superdupermatt ,


I myself am a total Heresy addict, and to get something free as well from GW is insanely good. Thanks GW.

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