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Far out on the Eastern Fringe, the realm of Ultramar stands alone. Having weathered the Word Bearers’ attack on Calth and the subsequent Shadow Crusade against the Five Hundred Worlds, the Ultramarines primarch Roboute Guilliman now draws all loyalist forces to Macragge as he contemplates a new future for mankind. With the arrival of more and more fugitives from the war that has engulfed the rest of the galaxy, all distinction between friend and foe is lost – isolated from Terra by fearsome warp storms, is Guilliman making a bid for power to rival even the renegade Warmaster Horus?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
4 October
The Black Library

Customer Reviews

Disgruntled Jim ,

Outstanding! Best in series!

This is hands down the best in the series.
Dan Abnett is the master of Ultramarine and Space Wolf story telling, and is phenomenal here.

I am badger ,


I enjoyed every page, not often you get four primarchs in one place!

auraboy ,

Terribly flawed

So frustrating! Dan Abnett is a good writer but by this book he doesn't seem to be remotely interested in The Heresy series or even vague consistency.

This is, for all intents and purposes, Dan Abnett's Comedy Super Killer Perpetuals Hilarious Action Escapades (with a few Primarchs as backing characters).

The Primarchs of earlier novels had such charisma and inspired awe and now they are shouted at by ordinary people, get ambushed and nearly slaughtered by a few troops and then easily beaten by those crazy 20th century Perpetuals. Oh also they change character depending on what tenuous plot device comes next. And like a soap opera every other character pops up to explain what just happened.

The Heresy Series started out as an epic background story to a very dark gothic fantasy - and now it's a poor episode of Dr Who. Please, Dan, stop writing this series - you're a good comic book writer - but you only care about forcing in your own characters and treating the main Horus Heresy as a bit of a maguffin. Just stop.

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