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Brantley 'Wood' Parker

I've lived my life the way that I want to; free. That's why I joined the Phantom Bastards MC as soon as I graduated high school. Things are starting to escalate once again and I now have someone that means more to me than my own life to protect. Yeah, I'd lay down my life for any single one of my brothers. Jennifer, Wade, and Boy Scout are different. Boy Scout is my best friend and someone that I do everything with. Including our women. Now, we have to convince Jennifer that she's it for us amongst all the chaos. Will I be able to get through the storm that's brewing and make sure that my girl and best friend are whole? Will the club, my family, survive what's heading for us?

Jennifer 'J' Hayes

I've had a horrible beginning to my life. More damage has been done to me in such a short time that I don't trust and I refuse to give my heart to anyone but my son Wade. Two men have taken me away from the only life I've ever known and I feel so much for the two of them. But, they have the power to destroy me more than anyone else has ever had in my life. Can I take that risk? Will I ever be able to stop looking over my shoulder for the past that haunts me?

Thomas 'Boy Scout' Reed

I followed my best friend to the Phantom Bastards MC. Wood and I have known one another a long time and we've shared our women for as long as I can remember. One fateful day, our lives changed when we met the one person that could make us want to settle down permanently. She's got a past that we need to overcome and it's going to take work; work that we're both willing to put in. Can I get over my past and doubts to be the man that Jennifer needs me to be? Will I be able to lay everything on the line and let her in the same way that we ask her to do? Or will chaos take it all away from us before anything begins?

21 May
Erin Osborne

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