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Sam Hart

Growing up, I saw the evil of a man who wants to control a woman. I don't trust easily and the only person I love is my son, Caleb. One chance meeting changes my entire life and world. I'm taken away from the life we've been existing in and given a chance to grow and get away from the abuse.

Now, I'm surrounded by people who care about my son and me. I'm just not sure if I can truly let them in. Especially Playboy. When our situation changes, I don't want to be in Benton Falls alone with his family. Playboy is the main reason I'm staying there and not leaving. Now, he's locked up and won't see or talk to me.

Can I let him in or will he break my heart beyond repair?

Griffin 'Playboy' Busch

I grew up in the Phantom Bastards MC with my dad, Slim, being the President. I'm used to being alone and only using the house bunnies when I need to. At least now that I'm older. They don't call me Playboy for any other reason than I used to take whatever woman caught my eye.

That all stopped when one woman and her young son entered my life. Now, she's the one I want and the only one I won't be with because of her past. Until fate decides to step in and our lives change. I'm locked up and don't want her to see me as anything but who I am on the outside.

Can I win her back and then protect her when a new enemy poses a threat?

21 July
Erin Osborne

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