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Sally Knowles

Fate. I never believed in fate until the day the love of my life was taken from me. It was also the day I realized I'd be a single mom. Now, I live with the ghost of my love haunting me because I can't get over his death. Even with an amazing, strong man who wants me, loves me, and treats my daughter as if she's his own child. At least until he decides there is nothing between us because I can't let go of my past. Fate is a cruel thing to have brought two great men into my life only to take them both away. Can I get Stryker back or is it too late for us because I'm stuck?

John 'Stryker' Gilbert

Love. I've never loved anyone in my entire life. As the Sergeant at Arms of the Phantom Bastards, my entire focus has always been on doing my job for the club. Until a tiny woman and her adorable little girl decide to start over somewhere new. Now, while I still focus on the club and doing my job, I want to open my life to something new. I want love, an ol' lady, and a family of my own. Unfortunately, I have to compete with a ghost. A great man Sally and the Wild Kings lost way too soon because he was trying to protect others. Can I learn to live with a ghost or am I destined to be alone the rest of my life?

6 July
Erin Osborne

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