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Remember the faery stories you were told as a child? Tales of tiny, magical, winged beings and elves, wicked witches and goblins. Demons . . .

What if one day you found out they were true? What if, when you became an adult, you discovered they were all based on fact? What if you met the fantasy and it was all so very real?

That's what happened to Thom Kindred. The wonders were revealed to him. But so were the horrors, for not far behind the Good, there always lurks the Bad. And the Bad had designs on Thom. The Bad would show him real evil. He would see the hellhagges and the demons. He would be touched by perverted passion. And corruption. And he would encounter his own worst nightmare. The Bad would seek to destroy him. And only the magic of the little beings would be able to help him.

Once, James Herbert's masterful novel of erotic love and darkest horror, will take you to a realm where fantasy and reality collide, where faerytales really can come true.

Fiction & Literature
May 11
Pan Macmillan

Customer Reviews

Salsachick24 ,

Great book !!!!!

I think James Herbert was an amazing author ! I have read all of his books Once and The Spear being my favourites !!

Old school Adam ,


This is my favourite book ever! A fairy tale for adults that brings to life a amazing unseen world and the darkness that surrounds it.this book completely captured my imagination and I'll always enjoy reading it.

Digital Blonde ,


This novel as to be one of my favourite's .
I got this on paper back , then I got it on hard back to display, yes it's that good.
Herbet's imagination is out of this world as always and puts you on the edge of your seat , yes I actually felt for the main character and dreaded turning the next page ,with what was coming next, in a nut shell then , a easy read and hard to put down.

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