One Wrong Turn One Wrong Turn

One Wrong Turn

A page-turning, heart-in-your-mouth thriller from the acclaimed author of The House Hunt

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Publisher Description

One Wrong Turn is a heart-pounding thriller from C. M. Ewan, acclaimed author of The House Hunt, The Interview, A Window Breaks and the half-a-million-copy bestseller Safe House.

Late at night . . .

Abi and Ben are driving home down foggy country roads, arguing about having had to cut short their weekend away when they take a wrong turn. Abi’s driving, but her eyes leave the road for a moment as she says something to Ben – just as he gasps. A man is in front of the car, waving a torch. Abi swerves to avoid him.

You see a family stranded . . .

Ben tells her they should stop and go back, but Abi refuses. It’s dark, the roads are isolated and they don’t know this stranger. But, as Abi continues on, they see a broken-down car. Every instinct is still telling Abi to drive by, but then she notices the woman holding a car seat with a baby in it.

Would you stop?

For a moment, Abi hesitates, but they can’t leave a mother and baby on the side of the road. Agreeing to give the family a lift, they set off again. But now these strangers are inside their car and it might be the worst mistake they have ever made . . .

C. M. Ewan: Everyday situations. Deadly consequences.

What authors are saying about C. M. Ewan:

The tension mounts with every chapter in this edge-of-the-seat, tense and twisty thriller. Don't miss it!’ – B. A. Paris, author of The Therapist

Truly impossible to put down’ Chris Whitaker, author of We Begin at the End

Once it grips you it doesn't let go’ Jane Casey, author of Let the Dead Speak

‘Nobody does heart-thumping, dry-mouth, claustrophobic thrillers like C. M. Ewan' – Sharon Bolton, author of The Pact

‘Unbearably tense, effortlessly plotted and packed with twists’ – Tim Weaver, author of No One Home

What readers are saying about C. M. Ewan:

‘WOW, WOW, WOW! The twists in this story had my head spinning. I had no idea where it was leading. What a brilliant book’

‘I lost so much sleep reading this book, but it was so worth it. Brilliant!’

The twists and turns are superb and the ultimate unravelling very satisfying. I loved it!’

Crime & Thrillers
18 July
Pan Macmillan

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