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Meet Rosemary, 86, and Kate, 26: dreamers, campaigners, outdoor swimmers...

Rosemary has lived in Brixton all her life, but everything she knows is changing. Only the local lido, where she swims every day, remains a constant reminder of the past and her beloved husband George.

Kate has just moved and feels adrift in a city that is too big for her. She's on the bottom rung of her career as a local journalist, and is determined to make something of it.

So when the lido is threatened with closure, Kate knows this story could be her chance to shine. But for Rosemary, it could be the end of everything. Together they are determined to make a stand, and to prove that the pool is more than just a place to swim - it is the heart of the community.

'Feel-good and uplifting, this charming novel is full of heart' LUCY DIAMOND

Fiction & Literature
April 19

Customer Reviews

Angiieeloo ,

Not my usual choice but enjoyed it

Good storyline and you feel a personal connection to each of the characters which helps. Not the type of thing I’d usually choose but I still enjoyed it and looked forward to getting time to myself to pick it back up again. Great if you don’t want anything too heavy.

Gem P. ,

Boring, over-sentimental, predictable and repetitive.

This book has many great reviews that I can only assume come from people who do not read very often. It was a real struggle to finish this book. This was without doubt the most boring book I have read all year. I would leave it no stars if it would let me.

The writing was punctuated with extensive description of Brixton, lots of “walking down the street past another fruit and veg stall” and so on, reading all these descriptions was very dull. Lists of character names repeated over and over again added to the drudgery of this book; “Ellis and Jake and Ahmed and Hope were there” etc.

The plot was over-sentimental; an old woman indulgently reminiscing about her love for her late husband which for me was just pure drivel, and the relationship she formed with the younger woman lacked depth. I was hoping Kate’s journey out of loneliness would be the next Eleanor Oliphant but she just wasn’t there to begin with due to a distinct lack of raw emotion and reality in this book.

The endless talk of the swimming pool and how everything in the story centred around it in every way became tedious at best.

Unless you really (and I mean really) love to swim there isn’t anywhere near enough in this book to capture imagination or interest.

Save yourself £2.99 and the hours it takes to read this and go and listen to the shipping forecast for something more interesting to do.

helensalsa ,

Uplifting and touching

This book beautifully brings Brixton to life. The characters are portrayed with humour and care and you learn to respect and love them. The writing is lovely and carries you along. It reminded me of times when I was young and we would spend all of our summer holidays at our local lido and it really was as magical as described in the book.

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