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The true story of the most famous SAS operation in history.

'Bravo Two Zero' was the code-name of the famous SAS operation: a classic story of bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. BRAVO TWO ZERO by patrol commander 'Andy McNab' became an international bestseller, as did the book by 'Chris Ryan' (THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY). Both men became millionaires. Three members of the patrol were killed. One, veteran sergeant Vince Phillips, was blamed in both books for a succession of mistakes.

As Michael Asher reveals, the stories in BRAVO TWO ZERO and THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY grew considerably in the telling. Their heroic tales of taking out tanks with their rocket launchers, mowing down hundreds of Iraqi soldiers, the silent stabbing of the occasional sentry, were never mentioned at their post-war debriefings... In an investigation literally in the footsteps of the patrol, Michael Asher tells the true story.

1 December

Customer Reviews

Pog62 ,

The Real Bravo Two Zero

In my humble opinion this is an exceptional book. I am not really interested in 'war' stories per se and was given this book by a friend. What an amazing read; you really understand what the SAS is all about and how certain stories can develop a life of their own so they almost become part of folklore. I am fortunate to have a colleague in the SAS and have the upmost respect for everything they achieve. Read this either before or after Bravo Two Zero, it will change your perspective of do many things.

Thornybits ,

John Thornton

A brilliant book well written by Michael Asher. Challenges just about everything to do with the original operation. Difficult to do in a foreign country 10 years after the event. I became absolutely engrosed to the point where I felt I was actually there. Read a lot of accounts on this subject including a book written by Major Peter Ratcliffe who is also mentioned in this book by Asher. Despite the descrepancies between McNab and Ryans stories compared to those of Asher and Ratcliffe neither of the latter two stray too far away from the ethics of the SAS in that what they did was true to the Regiment and beyond the capabilities of people like myself. I was fortunate to be born into a world where I was free to choose the life I wanted to live thanks to those who dared. I'm a proud Brit thanks to these people.....long may the SAS survive.

Sam Hulston ,

Eye opener

This book is a real eye opener into what actually happened during the bravo two zero patrol and demands respect for them

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