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She could ruin him and his family, and he is tasked to protect her. Now, Xavier not only needs to watch his back--he also has to watch his heart.

When Xavier Stirling's father suddenly confesses to fraud, Xavier suspects he's being coerced by a notorious criminal. Then Xavier finds himself the target of false accusations that threaten to ruin his own business. With the police suspecting him of wrongdoing, he desperately looks elsewhere for help. Enter the Indie Rebels--a secret group unsanctioned by law enforcement agencies. But to get their help, Xavier has to become an Indie Rebel himself. His first assignment is to keep journalist Eve Marrin safe--without Eve knowing she's being protected. He's surprised by the strength of his attraction for her. Now Xavier not only needs to watch his back--he also has to watch his heart.

For Eve Marrin, her new job as co-lead reporter for a popular public affairs program is a dream come true. She loves nothing more than to uncover scams, unfair business practices and other matters that the public has the right to know about. When she's given a tip to investigate the fitness training business of Xavier Stirling, she soon realizes she needs to build a wall around her heart in order to do her work.


Xavier: The Contract can be enjoyed as a standalone novel in the Indie Rebels series, where steamy, heart-melting romance meets danger, mystery and suspense.

February 27
MPC Romance Publishing

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HeyerF4n ,

First in a New Series

Another fabulous and suspenseful romance from the masterful pen of Miranda P. Charles. Eve Marrin is in town for a job interview when Xavier Stirling spots her in his gym. His attraction to her is immediate and he offers to be her tour guide for the weekend. Eve has been warned that her appointment as the new co-host of an investigative tv show must be kept under wraps until the network announces it and so keeps her surname a secret. To inject a little mystery into their relationship, Xavier does the same. So it is a great surprise to both of them, when they discover that Eve is investigating the Stirling family. A master criminal is pulling strings to make both of them and Xavier’s father his puppets. With little help from the police, Xavier turns to a shadowy organisation known as the Indie Rebels but finds he has to join them in order to obtain their help.
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