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The study this quarter explores the twofold nature of faith as belief and action. Selections from Acts show various examples of proclaiming faith in Christ. In the Book of Daniel we see faith in action as sincere, obedient, bold, and strong. The lessons from several epistles show how our actions both as individuals and as communities demonstrate our faith in Christ.

Unit I - Struggles with Love 

This unit has four sessions from the Book of Genesis, revealing aspects of love. Session one reveals how a lack of familial love devolves into jealousy and destruction. Session two portrays Joseph’s commitment to love that refuses to hold on to past wrongs but rather seeks God’s path to future success. Sessions three and four show Joseph’s brothers coming to Egypt and reveal how love and reconciliation can prevail in spite of harsh and negative circumstances.

Unit II - Inclusive Love

This unit has four sessions that center on love for the stranger, the poor, and enemies as well as divine love reflected in human life. First Samuel shows David’s love for others. Luke explores the teachings of Jesus regarding love for one’s enemies and Jesus’ parable of the good Samaritan. First Corinthians explores the sermon on love from Paul’s writing, which depicts the height of human love coming from divine love. 

Unit III - Godly Love among Believers

This unit contains five sessions. John elaborates on how believers love by serving and portrays Jesus’ explanation of the intertwining love of God for Jesus and for those who abide in Christ.  First John clarifies the abiding love of God through the Holy Spirit, which makes it possible for us to love one another. Acts reveals the expression of the love of God in the formation of the early Christian community by the workings of the Holy Spirit. James tells of the love of neighbor as the fulfillment of the law of God.

Direction® Teacher offers 13 complete lesson plans and includes a Bible Study Guide complete with in-depth information to give students (ages 35 and up) more insight into the text. Also included are teaching instructions and background information from the Precepts For Living® annual commentary.

• Lessons are outlined and include background information so readers get an 

in-depth explanation of the Scriptures.

• Analysis is written in easy-to-understand language.

• Thought-provoking questions challenge students and stimulate discussions.

• Effective, detailed plans lead students to discover and demonstrate God’s truth.


Quarter At-A-Glance: Outlines what will be studied throughout the quarter

Black History Profile: Gives insight into the life of an influential person of the African


In Focus: Tells a story dealing with the lesson’s theme so that students can easily apply the lesson to modern life

In Depth: Provides a look into the meaning of the text with insight into the theology and interpretation of the text

Make It Happen: Suggests ways to make a specific, personal commitment and take action on what was learned through the lesson

Daily Bible Readings: Lists Scriptures to read throughout the week that support quarterly topics and principles

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