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Who would ever consider serving others as being the most fulfilling role in life? Who would desire such work as putting their family first, above their own lives?

“Being a caregiver far outweighs other opportunities in this life and lays up treasures for us in heaven. When we think of how much the Lord gave for us, what more can we do than give all that we are for those we love. When we find ourselves in the place of service, the Lord gives the provisions that are needed. He does not call us, expecting that we can handle this role on our own. It is a time to experience His presence, His wisdom, and His strength. As our needs draw us closer to Him, we not only see that 'we do what we have to do,’ but that we do more than we thought we could do.”  TWO FULL PLATES

How does a woman with a selfish, rebellious, and domineering spirit, handle more than she is able? When things don’t work as she plans she comes face to face, not only with her own failures and disabilities, but encounters the God who planned and created all things, providing for all that she needs for herself and those she loves. The author of TWO FULL PLATES had to learn how to deal with not just one full plate, but with two, and sometimes more. She found that in her own strength she was as handicapped as those for whom she had to care. In her life as a caregiver for her children, her grandchildren, her father as he was dying of cancer, her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, and her husband, who had to have a leg amputated, her whole life was changed, not just because she was the one on whom the responsibilities fell, but because she began to look back and see that God had been preparing her for this as her main role in life. She has been enabled to see His hand at work throughout her life for the role as a caregiver ~ the work that has become the joy of her life. God has in the process revealed Himself as the great Caregiver, from whom she has learned to care for others. She witnesses of the power that Jesus Christ has given, that is beyond her own abilities. In this book she not only shares her experiences, but also encourages others who are faced with this role. This book, the first in the series of Little Books About the Magnitude of God, is the foundation for the other books that witness to the presence and power of God in the daily life of a follower of Christ, whatever the circumstances. As the series title expresses, this book and others in this series are longer than an article, but not as long as a regular length book; some could be read in one sitting. 

Religion & Spirituality
2 August
Fran Rogers

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