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For several years now, Bob Steinkamp's stories have encouraged readers to honor their God, their spouse, and their marriage. He has accomplished this admirably, using both fictional accounts and real-life testimonials. At times he has bared his soul, discussing his own journey from prodigal to returned husband. Recently, Bob began sharing with readers what God was revealing to him through the "everyday" occurrences experienced while traveling on one's own. In his first such book, Rejoice on the Road, Bob invited each of us to be his traveling companion as he toured the country by automobile, listening as God spoke to him about the covenant of marriage through those he encountered. At times these opportunities arose on street corners, at other times in shops, restaurants, or out in the country. Regardless of the locale, God was able to give Bob a deeper understanding and sensitivity as to what our Lord wants in our relationships with each other.

Rejoice on the Rails is Bob's second "travel" book. This time we accompany Bob as he leaves the pavement behind and takes to the iron rails that still stretch across our great land. Triggered by the sights and sounds of train life, Bob shares his thoughts on marriage and relationships, and a full life in Christ. And of course, Bob comments on the many persons placed in his path who inspire a thought or memory that God uses to punctuate a particular point. The reader cannot help but come away with a desire to become more receptive to God's gentle whisperings in his or her own life. This is a marvelous book that will at times delight you with the author's humor, yet will always return your focus to the theme of love and reconciliation. Bob continues to keep us "on track," and demonstrates that through God all things are possible. And these possibilities include a restored, healthy, Christ-centered marriage. Bob and his lovely wife Charlyne are just one of God's proofs of this. To God be the glory!

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28 november
Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.

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