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Don't fall in love with your bandmate's girl.

It's an unspoken rule, and one I'm determined to follow. I've always been the guy to take the high road, to be the voice of reason, but when it comes to Jess, I'm tired of fighting this overwhelming attraction.

The more time we spend together, the more compelled I am to show her she's worthy of love and dreams of her own. The lines of my moral compass begin to blur. I should leave her alone, but I can't. I know it's wrong, but everything about us feels so right.

Despite everything I try, it doesn't change the truth. She's not mine.

I can't sit back and watch her love someone else. But if given the choice, will she even want me?

The titles in the Off Track Records series are interconnected stand-alone romance novels and can be listened to in any order.

Detour: Trent and Lexi's story

Derail: Sean and Jess' story

Hinder: Leighton and Opal's story

Replay: Austin and Jayla's story

Jason Clarke
hr min
June 11
Kacey Shea Books LLC

Customer Reviews

Pattyfgd ,

Love this series!

Book two in Kacey Shea’s Off the Tracks series is so good, you do not want to miss it! This book has
everything, bringing ever emotion to the surface and letting us feel it. Jess comes to the band with her boyfriend, Coy, the new drummer to the group. Sean, the bassist feels an immediate attraction to her. But you just can’t fall for one of your bandmate’s girls, can you? So many issues are brought out in this one, from cheating to abuse, and it’s dealt with compassion and care. I love Jess. She is stronger than she thinks and her path to finding her confidence is so rewarding. I was rooting for her the entire time, not just to find true love, but to reach her potential. The chemistry of the band is something I enjoy as well. The family feel, including Lexi and Deb gives heartwarming love. The slow burning romance just was the icing on the cake for me, with all the other problems that were going on. And I think my favorite part was Hansen…mmmbop! Shea has pushed all the right buttons, and even with a happy ending, has left me wanting more from the band! Bring on book 3!

Jason Clarke and Emma Wilder are cast perfectly for this story. Clarke can fall into a part, and he
becomes the character. Sean is complex, and Clarke finds all the nuances of his personality. Wilder falls into Jess, and makes her real and so easy to love. This story and narrative is emotional, breaks our hearts and puts the pieces back together. Shea, Clarke and Wilder bring it all to us.

gryhundlver ,

Loving this crew!

Wow! I am really getting into this crew! The 3UG really show some true colors in this one! There are some heavy emotions in here as well as light hearted moments. In this book Sean and Jess get a story. It’s hard and sometimes difficult to listen but it’s all worth it in the end. I went from feeling sad and shock to puppies and rainbows. So there is a huge array of emotions that can be felt during this listen. So there is a special scene in here that highlights two secondary characters. These two gave me reactions that I didn’t expect and they made me like them even more. Cryptic? I know. But I wanted to mention the admiration I had for them but not give anything away. Jess is another character that really grew in here. She really stepped up and made changes.

I did listen to this on audio. Is there an voice SEXIER than Jason Clarke? He has that perfect growly low sexy voice of a rocker. Can you say “Nailed it”! Emma Wilde does an wonderful job as well using her talents on the mirad of female voices.

I can’t wait for the next one!

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