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She's innocent, inexperienced, virginal, and completely out of place. Now it's my personal mission to change all of that.

Sure, I'm also on this tour to play drums. A bit of blackmail got me the gig and out from under my parents' control. All I've ever wanted to is to live the rock star life, so I'm willing to do whatever it takes. Doesn't matter who gets hurt, as long as I get mine.

At least that's how it started.

This girl, she's gotten under my skin. Makes me want to be a better man. Has me dreaming of more than a life on the road. For a future of my own, as long as it includes her.

Only, I'm not sure how to make that happen. I can't tell her the truth, not when it won't set us free.

The books in the Off Track Records series are interconnected stand-alone romance novels, and can be listened to in any order.

Detour: Trent and Lexi's Story

Derail: Sean and Jess's Story

Hinder: Leighton and Opal's Story

Replay: Austin and Jayla's Story

Jason Clarke
hr min
July 23
Kacey Shea Books LLC

Customer Reviews

gryhundlver ,

Another Smash Hit!

Another smash hit for this series! This one incorporates some characters we have met in the past and given them a front standing role. While I am not a huge fan of virgin stories the author does a good job portraying her as such. The girl is a wonderful add to the story. I was hesitant because she didn’t seem to be a girl that could handle the rockstar life upon our first meeting. But she shined. I really loved the male lead. His life is golden except he doesn’t think of it that way. He has emotional family issues. He is so talented that I can’t even imagine having all that ability! Watching him fit in and try to be the good guy was interesting.

Of course we get to hang out with the 3UG guys! More concerts and all the stress that goes along with it. I just can’t get over the whole eating contest just to get the room on the bus. Makes me laugh every time it comes up.

I did listen to this on audio. Savannah Peachwood and Jason Clarke. Savannah does a wonderful job and she is a joy to listen to. Jason really just blows this out of the water. He has been the male characters from the beginning. He has a different voice for each male character and he nails it from book to book. Amazing! Worth a listen!

Pattyfgd ,

Loved it!

Kacey Shea has books so far in the Off Track Records series, and I am loving the community it has built! I feel like I am part of the band and get to enjoy all the ups and downs of their building success. This story lets us get to know Opal Evans, Lexi's sister. She was introduced to us when their father died, and now she gets a chance to know the band and her sister better. The band is still reeling from the death of their drummer and in need of replacing him. Their manager, Bedo, finds a talented young musician, Leighton, and his attraction to Opal is palpable. But conditions of his hiring keep him from her. Or will they? When Opal and the band find out Leighton's secret, heads will roll. But will it be the end for this couple? I LOVE Opal and Leighton. I fell for Opal, Her innocence, her need for acceptance, her huge capacity to love had me rooting for her happiness. Leighton is quite the guy. A little arrogant at first, his attitude and need to be in the band all become clear. He is warm and affectionate and I love his inner war when he is figuring out his life. It makes him believable. And just having all the band there, Austin, Shaun, Trent and Lexi make it feel like coming home. Keep them coming! I am look forward to our next visit!

Jason Clarke and Savannah Peachwood are incredible with the narration. Story telling at it's best, these two can go from young adult to middle age with such ease. Peachwood is perfect as Opal. She falls into her character, making each facet of her personality so true to life. Clarke is fantastic, keeping the voice of each character from book to book so it's easy to know who is speaking, and keeping all their dispositions in tact. Love these two together and really enjoyed their performance.

jlkaa19 ,

A Bit Darker Than The Rest

This one is a bit darker than the first two.

The twist of the blackmail of the uncle hangs heavy over and through the story.

Makes it more suspenseful for the when will he get caught and how will that affect his chances with Opal.

I found it harder to get through this one because of that, HOWEVER, I really liked how it was resolved between Opal and Leighton.

Jason Clarke is masterful at his craft and Savannah Peachwood was perfect for Opal

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