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Part memoir, part mystery, Find Me is a compelling and utterly original tale that will break your heart as it heals it. Told in Rosie's candid, moving voice, it is the story of a friendship between a troubled young woman and a celebrity obsessed with helping her. As this bizarre relationship unfolds - and unravels - so too does Rosie's history, forcing powerful acts of remembering and reckoning.

This is a topsy-turvy tale of unforgettable characters, mistaken identities, and strange psychological illnesses that may or may not exist. Through it all, we come to know the author at levels that grow ever more surprising - and sometimes shocking - as Rosie reveals to us not only the way the past transforms the present, but how a single stranger thousands of miles away can spark irrational longings, profound obsession and, finally, the opportunity to put these forces to work in a healing way.

"This is a true story about a girl named Stacie who called the adoption agency with a terrible problem. A lot of it won't make sense, at least logically. But sometimes sense runs deeper than logic. Nothing happens by chance. The events that follow, some dark and painful, changed me absolutely." - Rosie O'Donnell

Biographies & Memoirs
Rosie O'Donnell
hr min
May 24
Hachette Audio

Customer Reviews

marmaladies ,

Breath Taking & Addictive

I read this book about 10 times in the first month I bought it. It is a heartwarming and very well written book, as Rosie O'Donnell shows a whole nother side of her, as she talks about the death of her mother, her relationship with a multiple, and the little things that seem so big when they happen, like going to the flea market or getting your period for the first time. Rosie narrates the book herself with what Barbara Walters once described as "the best voice in show business" as she raps you around her finger, and her story.

kellyw516 ,


If you love Rosie, you will love this audiobook. It is an amazing look into her life, her heart, her story. The book itself will make you laugh and cry but hearing her read it is like sitting down and having a face-to-face conversation with her - which for a fan, is a gift. Even if you've read Find Me you haven't really experienced it until you've heard Ro read it. Loved it.

Kyle Wayne ,

Great Book

Find Me is a amazing book. The book gives you a hole new look at Rosie O’Donnell and a hole new look at yourself. It leaves you thinking and wondering until the last word is read. I recommend this book to anyone.

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