The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children

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Dr. Ross Greene, a distinguished clinician and pioneer in the treatment of kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, has worked with thousands of explosive children, and he has good news: these kids aren't attentionseeking, manipulative, or unmotivated, and their parents aren't passive, permissive disciplinarians. Rather, explosive kids are lacking some crucial skills in the domains of flexibility/adaptability, frustration tolerance, and problem solving, and they require a different approach to parenting.

The Explosive Child is the highly acclaimed, lifechanging parenting guide in which Dr. Greene first delineated the Collaborative Problem Solving approach.  Dr. Greene explains why kids exhibit challenging behaviors, why traditional behavior management strategies may not be effective for many kids, and how to use Plan B to solve problems collaboratively and teach your child the skills he or she is lacking.  

As the model has evolved over the years, so has The Explosive Child, and it is available here in an abridged and updated fourth edition narrated by Dr. Greene.

Throughout this compassionate, insightful, and practical book, Dr. Greene provides a new conceptual framework for understanding their difficulties.  He explains why traditional parenting and treatment often don't work with these children, and he describes what to do instead. Instead of relying on rewarding and punishing, Dr. Greene's Collaborative Problem Solving model promotes working with explosive children to solve the problems that precipitate explosive episodes, and teaching these kids the skills they lack.

Dr. Ross W. Greene
hr min
April 30
CPS Initiative, Inc.

Customer Reviews

BoogerEater51 ,

Good to the core!

Clearly written and spoken-you will want to listen to it over & over. Just down right an interesting topic even if you don't have a stark raving angry brat for a kid.

H-g8r ,

Limited utility, Filled with Strawmen

This might be worth a second star if the author wasn't so smug and condescending. I am sure that there really exist the retrograde stereotype person that believes in the authors words "that there is nothing that a good kick in the butt won't solve" or several similar strawmen this author sets up. I guess if he didn't set up the "Plan A" as some sort of bogeyman he wouldn't be able to set up his "plan B" as the salvation. The reality is that most people are more enlightened and looking for tools. In that regard, this book is pretty much a 1 trick pony. It spends time developing a single tool, one that has a certain utility but is really just a single tool out of many that most people want to apply.
At 2.5 hours, it doesn't take long to get through this, but it's sort of like reading 3 chapters in a 12 chapter book. It sort of seems like he was stretching to make it this long. I can't imagine what is in the unabridged version.

SwitchN to kindle! ,

Life changing

Dr. Greene teaches Collaborative Problem Solving... If parents AND teachers could start using this together, the number of kids lost in the educational system would greatly decrease. If you find yourself saying "He's smart but lazy!" or "There's no getting through to him!" then you NEED this book..

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