The King James Audio Bible: Authorized Version (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $8.99

Publisher Description

This recording of the King James Bible features the entire Old and New Testaments.

Internationally acclaimed narrator Eric Martin is a recipient of the Gold Medal Award for narration and the National Communicator Award of Excellence. His command of the English language brings out the timeless poetry and spiritual wealth of the King James Bible. He imparts the Bible's divine truth in a sincere and compelling manner, enhancing the listener's spiritual perception and adding new dimensions to one's understanding of the sacred texts.

Martin is a born-again Christian who lends his support to many Jewish and Christian ministries. His work proclaiming God's word is deeply rooted in Romans 10:17: "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

Note: Due to unavoidable constraints on the original recording, the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are out of sequence in this program.

Religion & Spirituality
Eric Martin
hr min
December 31
Jodacom International Inc.

Customer Reviews

KJV Orthodox fan ,

Excellent sober and reverential reading

Old recording but simple and elegant. I prefer this over other versions with sound effects and music that cannot match the unimaginable beauty of the acutal biblical events narrated. The author's calm reading does much more for the imagination, meditation, and any prayer one may have when listening to a reading of Holy Scripture. As for a previous critic's commentary on the lack of order of the tracks. The tracks are labeled numerically in a manner that itunes will put track 10 after track 1, track 20 after track 2 and so forth. A simple solution is to create playlist on itunes with the tracks in correct order. This quirk and the slightly old quality of the audio (due to the age of the recording as with any older recordings e.g. Glenn Miller) is why my rating is a 4 not 5. Still, this version is the one I went with. I listened to the entire Bible over the course of a year while excercising and with family on our stereo. A great value, $10 for almost 80hours of listening and a priceless way to be closer to God and obtain spiritual nourishment.

dnkykng ,


The recording is older so is a bit scratchy but works for what i need it for. I was looking for an audio Bible to play in the background, and this works great for that. Eric has an easy to listen to voice, with consistent tone all throughout. You may not find it worth the ten dollars since the Bible app, Youversion, has free recordings, but i personally prefer Eric as i feel the Youversion guy is too dramatic. I'm happy with my purchase.

Raymond Pendergraph ,

Great reading, not a study aid.

The presentation of this reading (in my opinion) is really good. The audio is a bit grainy but is very understandable. What is not so good is that when it shows up on your iOS device it's just a collection of stuff. Trying to locate a chapter or even a book is a challenge. For example, the bible has been split up into 11 arbitrary parts which are not really identified one from another in iTunes. Once I figured out which one was Genesis I had to label it "Genesis - Leviticus". Also this Genesis-Leviticus segment has 26 "chapters" which, of course are not chapters as we would think of them in the scripture. My take: if you want a study aid which you need to locate books and chapters quickly, give this a pass. If you are looking just to listen to someone read the bible this should be fine. This is my case but I did find it helpful to clearly label the 11 segments so I could sort of judge where I was at.

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