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4-Hour Chess Master is like having your very own chess coach. 4-Hour Chess
Master is a collection of proven chess lessons collected over a 15-year
period. The lessons in this book come from various sources such as books
and chess coaches. Combined this makes 4-Hour Chess Master a first of its

Many players buy book after book or go from coach to coach and never get
the results they desire. After reading this book you will undoubtedly
notice an increase in your percentage of wins. By learning the four basic
principles to chess mastery:

1) Controlling the center

2) Pawn Formations

3) Timing

4) Attacking weak squares

You will learn what it takes to win more games.

You won't have to worry that the subject matter is above your level of play
and you don't have to worry that any subject isn't explained fully. Many
chess books leave it up to the reader to solve whatever questions they
have. Each new idea taught in this book comes with a full explanation and
detailed analysis.

4-Hour Chess Master also teaches the "Sneak-Peak Method" which to the
authors knowledge has never been shared in a chess book. The Sneak-Peak
method is an advanced technique that helps the player imagine how the board
would appear 10, 20, or 30 moves ahead.

By the end of this book you will win more games, guaranteed.

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October 16
Jonathan garcia
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Customer Reviews

I3illieJoe ,

A must read for chess lovers!!

A quick, easy to read and very informative book for those who are beginning to learn the game and even for experienced players who need to refresh some concepts and ideas. I highly recommend it!!

Chapplexxx999 ,


After paying for and down loading, the book will not open. Using iPad with most recent OS. Would like my money back or access to an updated version!

u1timus ,

One of the best books I've come across

This book was very helpful. It taught me some very useful opening, middle and end game tactics that helped me improve my rating in a short period of time. In addition to this, as a beginner in chess, I find it to be well written and easy to understand. There are very few books for beginner's that are easy to understand since most books are written for those who play chess on a professional level.

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