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From a dark, magic-ravaged world comes an enthralling new fantasy romance series. Five brothers, last of an ancient Alpha bloodline, each bound by fire and blood to their majestic dragons.


Captive in a dragon lord’s lair. No memory. Stripped bare.


I’mya awakens to find herself the property of Nyro—a rare and powerful Alpha bonded to a monstrous dragon. Like the other women in the lair, her only purpose is to satiate his every fantasy, but the beautiful omega is hiding a dark secret—even from herself.


From the first explosive encounter with Nyro, her incredible power is unleashed.  


His carnal desires feed the fire of her magic.


Nyro’s captivation with her turns to possession, and I’mya becomes more than a plaything for him.


But as shards of her memories puzzle back together, her mind finally unveils the compelling truth.


A purpose much more sinister than pleasure.


Passion. Obsession. Betrayal. 


I’mya must fulfill her quest, regardless of the cost. Nyro has conquered her body, but if he discovers the truth behind her presence in his lair… it is her life he will take.


A LAIR SO SINFUL is the first book in an adult fantasy romance standalone series. This story includes romance of a dark nature and a HEA.

March 26
Zoey Ellis
Zoey Ellis

Customer Reviews

KittyChan44 ,

A New Book Series with... Dragons!

A Lair So Sinful is truly a fantastic read. It's a pretty short novel, so I was able to devour it in just a few hours. Zoey has always been my first and all-time favorite Omegaverse author for me, so being able to read another masterpiece from her is always an honor.

This new book series takes us to a world with dragons, their alphas and of course, the ever fiesty omegas. I'mya and Nyro are the alpha/omega couple that Nyro's clan (family) needed. A hope for the to continue on with their lineage. Their story was so grasping, I was left with wanting more! I hope we can continue soon with Nyro's brothers, especially Khyros. Maybe because I've always had a thing for older brothers who are the leaders of their pack?

*I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.

Thebratfiles1113 ,


I’ve read most of Zoey’s books but this was by far my favorite. I really loved the relationship between two main characters, the conflict, and most of all the dragon lore/world building. I’m super excited to read the rest of this series.

AnnieBGood2525 ,

Steamy dragon omegaverse!

I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest review.
First of all I loved the fact that this was not a cliffhanger lol. It's a complete story with beautiful worldbuilding and I found it fascinating to explore the alpha/omega dynamic amongst dragons.

I love Zoey's characters especially the Alphas as usual. I love her descriptions of them physically in particular. it's hard for me to get into a novel when I don't find a hero imaginally attractive but the author never disappoints. I found the development of Nyro's character a little unfinished in the sense that I wished we could've learned a bit more of his feelings from his perspective as Zoey usually does in a sly way (without full on going into his perspective 100%). It was a little slow at first in that I didn't find Nyro that compelling in terms of his behavior and it wasn't entirely clear that he thought of I'mya as his mate until towards the middle-end of the book so I missed a bit of that obsessive build-up. I'mya herself I found a bit frustrating in that she seemed not to know what was going on much of the time. Granted there are extenuating circumstances as to why this is so but given her dynamic, you should kind of get the gist at a certain point. :)

All in all, I absolutely loved it and Nyro and it really heated up in the last 3rd of the novel to the point that I was eagerly reading faster to see how things played out between them. Again, I love dragons so I found the combo of dragons and alpha/omega dynamics wonderful. I cannot wait for the next installment!

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