A Lesson in Thorns

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Twelve years ago my mother disappeared into the fog-shrouded moors of Thornchapel.

I left her memory there, along with the others. Of my childhood friends, playing in the woods. Of the crumbling, magical world we found, and of the promises we made beneath the wild roses. I moved on, building a life as a librarian in America, far away from the remote manor where my mother was last seen alive. 

And then the letter arrives.

A single word, in her handwriting, calling me back to England. Followed by a job offer I could never refuse, from a person I never could resist: Auden Guest. The new owner of Thornchapel, the seductive, elegant man I met as an imperious little boy when we were both children. Inside his private library, I begin to uncover the ancient secrets of the house--and the ones hidden inside my heart.  

It's so very easy to be drawn back into the world of Auden's friends . . . and into the world of his worst enemy, St. Sebastian Martinez.  The beautiful and brooding St. Sebastian is as irresistible as he ever was, and the three of us can’t seem to unknot ourselves from each other.  From the hasty promise we three made all those years ago. 

As Thornchapel slowly tightens its coil of truths and lies around us, our reluctant threesome starts unravelling into filthy, holy pleasure and pain. Together we've awakened a fate that will either bloom like a rose . . . or destroy us all.

***A Lesson in Thorns is the first of four books in the Thornchapel series.***

March 21
Sierra Simone
No Bird Press

Customer Reviews

Wookiee 45 ,

A lesson you won’t soon forget

4.5 stars for - A Lesson In Thorns - book one in the Thornchapel series by Sierra Simone. This book is nothing short of epic with characters that are interesting and endearing in ways you never see coming. What started off as innocent childhood games years before when they were kids turns into steamy hot rituals as adults, written in ways only Sierra can bring to life. Six vastly different people were brought together again for the express purpose of restoring Thornchapel to it's former glory. This book explores sexuality in many forms -meaning group sex, man-on-man and female-on-female are all something you may read so consider yourself warned if that is not your cup of tea.
Twelve years have passed since these “friends” have seen each other and many things, both good and bad have happened since. Some friends are much closer than others and everyone has something to lose. With them all holding on to a secret or two about what and who they want and exactly why they are there to begin with things are bound to get more intense and scandalous too. Hang on to your seats for a lesson you won’t soon forget!

mandystar142 ,

Did I miss something?

I’ve read a ton of Sierra Simone’s books so clearly I’m a fan. I read reviews for Lesson in Thorns and was eager to purchase and begin reading. I HATED it. Smart, beautiful, bisexual Poe who is a little sex monster is one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever encountered. The only character who I thought was written and described well was Saint. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

Now, I’m gonna go reread Priest.

Deanna PinkLady ,


WOW....... what an incredible read. I’m not sure what to feel except that this book was sensual, erotic, intriguing, mesmerizing, addictive, and captivating. I felt like I was on a heightened journey with all six characters. It was also very hypnotizing to be held captive by six different and charismatic characters. Every time I thought that I could stop reading and be productive, the book waved it’s magic torc and lured me back to reading.

I’m not sure what to say about the book except that it’s a must read. Sierra Simone is exquisite in her storytelling. Her words cascade off the page and into your soul. It penetrates deep and resonates with a glimmer of paranormal and fantasy all mixed into a cauldron of sensual erotic tension.

Auden, Delphine, Rebecca, Becket, Saint, Prosepina, and Thornchapel are all woven together. They share a past, an experience that, while it was 12 years ago, resonates with each other. Now as adults they come back together and their pilgramage to find out the mysterious hold that the thorn chapel has over them begins.

This story has much going on......there are 6 characters, in an English manor that is filled with secrets and it’s own inner voice that speaks to all six. Each character is fascinating and intriguing. There is much to learn in the 12 years that has alluded their time together. There are secrets and yearnings, lust and love, hurt and hatred and a missing person. There are many sub plots all revolving around the story that flow with comfort and ease. As you get comfortable with all the characters they become mesmerizing and you can’t get enough of them.

Did I really tell you anything about this book, No. I think you should go in and organically let the story unfold. It’s a little complicated in the beginning keeping track of the characters but it very quickly feels as if they are connected to your being. This author and her imagination, her connection to religion, her eroticism and her eloquent and intellectual way of storytelling is exquisite and not to be missed!!

A Best of 2018 in my books for sure.

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