The Education of Ivy Leavold The Education of Ivy Leavold
Book 2 - Markham Hall

The Education of Ivy Leavold

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I knew I was taking a risk loving a man like Julian Markham. But I thought that love was enough to cover over his darkness.

I thought wrong.
Ivy Leavold came to Markham Hall looking for a home and a new start, and instead she found the enigmatic Julian Markham--along with a love that threatened to consume them both.  Now Mr. Markham is offering her a new life as his bride, as the mistress of Markham Hall, and Ivy wants nothing more than to say yes.

But Ivy knows that the closer she binds herself to Mr. Markham, the closer she binds herself to danger.  And the deeper their love grows, the closer she gets to discovering the truth surrounding her cousin's death.  Once she does, the explosive secret will rip them apart...possibly forever.

Fiction & Literature
February 9
Sierra Simone
No Bird Press

Customer Reviews

Annmric8 ,

Teachers pet

In The Education of Ivy Leavold we are introduced to Professor Markham teacher of pleasure and pain. He is a disciplinary teacher who issues punishment in the form of suffering.

In this installment Julian educated Ivy in the ways in which to bring herself pleasure as well as to bring him pleasure. Keep in mind his sexual appetite is by no means as formal as the era they live in. He has carnal needs and for the inexperienced ignorant young pet she must accept his darkness.

The beauty of Ivy’s character was her ungoverned nature. Her ignorance and lack of knowledge about the pleasures associated with men. Her character was brave, courageous, and impulsive while exploring and exposing her body.

Although, I had to control my own thoughts and opinions regarding Julian’s means
to punish Ivy sexually. I’m not one to favor punishment especially as a means to toy with a woman sexually. This is a hard limit for me. Demeaning women sexually and displaying there pleasure to punish others show disrespect. While Julian respects
the responsiveness of Ivy’s body it still bothers me how Julian needs to claim and brand Ivy’s body.

“And it delights me to know that I have made you like this”, Julian’s words to Ivy. He rather enjoyed the aspect of educating Ivy to become a wanton dark monster such as himself. For his fears could be put to rest to find another who could understand his desires.
Some of these fetishes were hard limits for me. The story was too sexually driven. These characters couldn’t seem to live without sex. They were sex addicts who
had to constantly cross boundaries in order to achieve the next fix. The next fix
was never far away. They lived and breathed sex.

I wanted to explore more of this danger and the secrets associated with Julian. Instead, Sierra filled each chapter with sex scenes. Sierra is no prude when it comes to exploring the many ways to feast upon the human body, yet my mind could only handle these scenes in small increments. The fact that these scenes controlled the chapters had me cringing.

Up until the threesome with Silas I was enjoying the sex scenes, but afterwards I began to withdraw. Sierra was setting off my trigger warnings with the way Julian
manhandled Ivy. This was the making of a submissive sex addict and I couldn’t tolerate his teachings. I will complement Sierra for how talented she is with her writing skills especially these sex scenes. They were truly vivid. Sierra captured the love, the turmoil, and the pain with intense words.

I struggle with characters like Julian that need to claim another by owning their body, mind, and soul by stripping them of any and all vulnerabilities. It’s too possessive.
I’d compare Ivy’s need for sex the same as one would need cocaine. By any means necessary Ivy was willing to do anything to achieve that high. The addiction was controlling her and Julian was the one supporting her addiction.
Even-though, this story was a hard limit for me I still have to give Sierra credit for
her top notch writing skills.
Sierra created that crevice of doubt with those perfect words that Julian told time and time again. She dangled that piece of information until the bloody end making me wait and wonder who the true criminal was.

PeruRo23 ,


OMG! The series getting better! Love Julian.

Birdiecrna ,

Wow. 😳

Fifty Shades and then some. Does not disappoint. Great writing. Difficult to put down. Ignore your children “difficult”.

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