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An award-winning book from the author of Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life and The Candymakers for fans for of Wonder and Counting by Sevens
Mia Winchell has synesthesia, the mingling of perceptions whereby a person can see sounds, smell colors, or taste shapes. Forced to reveal her condition, she must look to herself to develop an understanding and appreciation of her gift in this coming-of-age novel.

Young Adult
November 16
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Hachette Digital, Inc.
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

Kissmebabe16 ,


I have a copy of it at home, and I bring it everywhere (:
Im 11 and this is my favoritee book ever =]

NewtonsHead ,


I am a young teen and every chance I get I want to re read this book. It was very interesting and since I normally don't like to read... I just couldn't put the book down or wait till I could read it again. Definitely a great choice for a summer reading or something like that.

TheFattoCatto ,

A Mango-Shaped Space

Wow, where do I start. This book is AMAZING and may be one of my all-time favorites which is REALLY saying something because I am a book nerd and I LOVE all sorts of books! I’ve read this book about 27,000 times. The beginning is good, but after everything (I don’t want to spoil) starts happening, the plot quickens and stops slightly dragging like the beginning’s plot did. This book made me laugh, squirm and cry. Mia is quite relatable and, despite having synesthesia, can be understood and empathized with even people who don’t have synesthesia! The ending could have been a total blow out but Wendy Mass used her writing superpowers to wrap up the story well and tie it up neatly, making you feel like Mia and all of her friends/family (family, of course, includes cats) lived happily ever after. She has such a good flow in her writing style. I really recommend this book for 7+ ages (the slightly older age is because the problems might be too much for younger kids), and also to anyone who enjoys reading one of the most beautifully written BEST BOOKS EVER! [Please make a sequel when she’s out of college. Maybe she could study synesthesia and have 2 cats (or so). The timing of the sequel doesn’t really matter. That is just an idea. PLEASE make a sequel!] Despite seeing how hard it can be to have synesthesia, I’m low-key jealous of anyone who has it... Another thing that I like is the realistic family and friend life! The parents aren’t overly supportive, but they aren’t under-ly supportive either! If you like this book I would really suggest The Mysterious Benedict Society series. It is just as well written, with an AMAZING plot! I’ve noticed that some books that have awesome plots are not very well written, so they’re worth reading, but it’s a less enjoyable experience.

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