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In addition to interactive sections, several videos have been inserted.  They include simple visual interpretations of prime factorization, upside down division that features rules of divisibility, and the Sieve of Eratosthenes.  The numbers 1-100 are grouped and the “Sieve” procedure is demonstrated in four separate videos.  For those who like a challenge, a bonus spreadsheet grid has been included, for a limited time only.

Although not a prerequisite, previous books by this author provide an in-depth look at rectangle dimensions and factors, and include greater detail for development of those concepts.  Inching Along (square units) and All Set (factors) build the foundation.  About Prime (prime numbers), ends the trilogy, and shows a connection between rectangles and prime numbers. 

The beauty of mathematics lies in an awareness of how so much of the number system is interrelated in some way, even at an elementary level.  That understanding must be present before introducing abstract concepts in the system.

Science & Nature
August 10
Edwina R. Justice
Edwina R. Justice
Grades 7-8

Customer Reviews

Doug Beardsley ,

About Prime

Mrs Justice has again developed a book aimed at leading a reader to utilize her previous books and grow to understand numbers in another sense. Her use of graphics and videos shows one exactly how prime numbers fit into the realm of mathematics. Prime numbers can be an elusive study yet lead us into so many advanced disciplines of math and exploration.

Great job!

Donnanowack ,

Another winner in the series...

About Prime is a interactive and fun way for students to learn the difference between prime and composite numbers. The book is beautifully illustrated and has attractive interactive exercises to solidify the lessons. The videos are a great way to keep students interested in math. This is another winner in Mrs. Justice’s series of math books!

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