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Inching Along describes how the development of the concept of area and perimeter, at a basic level, progresses in the primer.  It proceeds from the meaning of one small square unit to the implication of how one large region with smaller sections can be measured.  Through the use of diagrams and tables, appropriate vocabulary is presented, defined and illustrated.   Numerous interactive widgets are included to provide instant reinforcement and repetition, at increasing levels of difficulty.  A review section has been included, as well as related activities that are applications of the concept.  The primer has a section, comprised of PDF tables and grids, that has been shared.

One inch at a time is sufficient to begin the journey.  Many inches away from completing the destination, progress can be made.   Inch by inch more depth is added and soon it’s back to square one, only this time, armed with the necessary tools to flourish.

The primer is appropriate for all ages.  A basic understanding of English is helpful.  However, the images are instructive.

Young Adult
August 9
Edwina R. Justice
Edwina R. Justice

Customer Reviews

Doug Beardsley ,

Inching Along

This is my first experience with an eBook and what a pleasure. The layout is perfect, leading a curious mind through each chapter with well planned activities. This is wonderful for a first time learner or someone looking to reinforce previous lessons. I am hoping this is the first of a series of books.

McFamily455 ,

Mrs. Edith McFarland

This is an amazing math book with easy to understand concepts. Written in the garden form which makes the learning fun and easy to comprehend. The interactive widgets bring this book to another level of learning, also with ease. The Author of this book is very intelligent, insightful and has a passion for spreading her knowledge around the world for all to learn.

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