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Rachel and Landon’s story continues in this spellbinding sequel to Drawn to You.

It was supposed to be just one week, just sex, no commitment, but somewhere along that overwhelmingly sexy ride, Rachel fell in love with Landon. There’s just one problem—he doesn’t do commitment.

As far as Landon knows, they have a good thing going, and he’s not willing to let that go. Rachel can either tell him how she feels and watch him walk away, or keep it to herself and continue to drown in her feelings for him.

It hurts to be with him, but being without him hurts more. How do you make a choice about love when there’s really no choice at all?

September 10
Sweet Acacia Press
Sweet Acacia Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,


This is book 2 in the Swanson Court series and it is a fabulous 5-star read. The first book was great but this one's even better! Rachel loves Landon but she's afraid what happened with Jack will happen again. What is Landon thinking spending so much time with Ava Sinclair? It's only natural for Rachel to start feeling jealous. Landon gets jealous over Jack. How can they make it work when trust disappears so quickly? All she needs is to get enough courage to tell him she loves him or she will always wonder about his true feelings.

It's irritating how Rachel brings up Ava Sinclair, he then tries to stop the argument by changing the subject and she lets it go. ARGUE with him! YELL at him! Let him know it's NOT OK! But that's just my opinion. I love Rachel, Landon, Aiden and Laurie. I'm addicted to the Swanson Court series and all of its characters! Fantastic writing! I am impatiently waiting for the next book in the series.

PSemones ,

Addicted to you....

I love erotic books, but as I have read many, I find that just sharing your life with someone that you love, trust, care about deeply, special smiles, private jokes, that smile across a room can be more intimate that sex at times. I find I like that more than reading about someone having constant sex.

Ktalbert ,

I wish I could give it zero stars

Sorry but this whole book is so ridiculous. She is immature and "cant tell him her feelings in case what happens with Jack happens with Landon" IM SORRY BUT THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE LADY. She also can't explain her self ever even though Landon is clearly trying to compromise with her. ALSO THEYVE KNONW EACH OTHER FOR WHAT THREE WEEKS, OF COURSE HE WANTS A RELATIONSHIP BEFORE HE SAYS HE LOVES YOU. JESUS CHRIST. I'm sorry but learn how to write about sensible people who aren't total idiots. No one acts like this.

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