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Author/Illustrator April Chloe Terrazas continues with Book 5 of the Super Smart Science Series, sharing an in depth look at bones and muscles for kids. Candy colored illustrations are combined with simplified text and pronunciation guides in this upbeat, textbook-like guide. Beginning with the skeleton, continuing with bone anatomy (compact bone KOM-PAKT BONE, periosteum PER-EE-OS-TEE-UM, osteon OS-TEE-ON, spongy bone SPUN-JEE BONE, marrow MER-OH), the reader is brought face to face with the intriguing way our bodies are made. After a thorough look at bones and a review to reinforce the material, skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscles are explored, beginning with their physical appearance (striated or not), to where they are found in the body. Terrazas takes you even further into understanding how the body moves, combining the previously learned material on bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments and fusing it with the active role of the neuron in the neuromuscular junction! Enjoy learning with Book 5 of the Super Smart Science Series. FOR AGES 5 to 12.

April 17
Crazy Brainz
April Terrazas

Customer Reviews

Txbaby ,

Simple look at a complex subject, great for elementary age

In some of the books in this series there is material covered that I never even learned through primary school and even college. I love that. April takes a common topic, Anatomy, and finds interesting facts to share with children, AND adults. She makes it a fun learning experience for everyone who reads it, not just the kids. The colors are bright and engaging. The color coded vocabulary in this series is always a plus. Another gem!

J_ka_T ,

Great info for any age

Fantastic look at Anatomy for any age! Parents will enjoy this one as much as the kids, and probably learn a thing or two they didn't know before (like me)! The really great thing about this book are the review sections. So after you've learned so much material, a spread is dedicated to assisting in recall and review. An amazing addition to my library and YOU SERIOUSLY CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE. So glad we found the Super Smart Science Series.

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