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Hola, Cuties! I'm Jacinda Gonzalez, almost twelve. Although I think I'm pretty nice, not to mention way cool and one of the most knowledgeable people in all things horse, I just can't make any friends in my new school. The only things flying my way are totally rude insults. The horseback riding therapy farm where I volunteer becomes my perfect escape from mean bullies. And when Angel, a scrawny, muddy American Curly, shows up as rescue, no one but me can see her potential and lovableness, so I take her on as a project horse to get her ready for sale. But, the thing is, I don't want them to sell her. She'd be so perfect for therapy. So perfect. Now, if only I could prove it.

Anyway, Angel's sugar-candy personality inspires me to be sweet in spite of bad things happening to me. So, of course, I can't resist the urge to make the world a whole lot brighter. Come on in and see how I do it!

Young Adult
October 11
West Ridge Farm Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

KiddieLitMom ,

Nice horse story for kids

The story is a sweet tale of a horse loving gal who volunteers at a farm to help get her horse fix.

In the end, her dream of having her own sweet loving horse comes true. However, the subplots mixed along the way seem forced and disjointed at times.

The story tackles girl friendships, enemies, and bullying. Yet, suddenly a random acts of kindness club begins and predictably the frenemies become a part of the do-good team. Their kind deeds take on a dizzying pace and frequency. This mission becomes a parallel story to the main story of discovering and rehabilitating the newest rescue horse. Although the two takes merge and can be compatible, the book can get preachy.

At times it also reads well as a screen play script in that the main character tells the story. Sometimes it feels like you are watching the story unfold in real time. Other times it seems like you have the camera focusing on the main character solely like reality TV for her to tell the reader what she’s thinking. And often that thought is how she would hate for the new horse to leave... over and over and over again.

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