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Anger is an unpleasant emotion that many of us feel and often express aggressively. How often a person feels angry, express it intensely, and stay angry varies. Anyone who gets angry frequently, intensely, or for a significant duration can benefit from Anger Management.

This guide provides the information and insight that you need to understand why you get angry and the effects that anger has on you and others. It provides advice for changing your mindset and strategies to employ to minimize the chances of getting angry and for handling problem situations without aggression.

This is a concise manual for anger management and problem-solving. In it, I present the information, insights, and recommendations with which I have guided clients, in my private practice, and which they have effectively employed. It does not simply tell you how to reduce or eliminate your anger, it also teaches you how to more appropriately handle problem-situations. It is a practical guide and does not contain pages and pages of definitions, research, anecdotes, etc. I get straight to the point of helping you.

First, I briefly describe what anger is, explain what happens when you get angry, and the effects that anger has on you and others. I then explain how to make long-lasting changes—how to minimize the chances of getting angry and how to address anger-triggering situations. I teach you a mindset, specific strategies to employ, and actions to take when you get irritated by, or upset about, something.

I also provide tips for calming yourself, learning to be assertive, and for more effective parenting.

Health, Mind & Body
September 2
Leon C Pereira PhD
Leon Pereira PhD

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Hapailio ,

Excellent Reference for Anger and emotional management

Dr Leon Pereira’s Anger management guide is an excellent resource for managing not only anger, but other intense emotions. This book gets straight to the point, and doesn’t contain unnecessary or lengthy anecdotes that stray from the main point of the book. It’s a reference manual that is easy to follow and has basic, effective tools to manage stress related to anger, as well as recognizing angry reactions in yourself as well as in your personal relationships with others.

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