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A spinster hatches a plan (with a smattering of blackmail)
Miss Augusta Widmore has no time for proprieties. She must force her sister’s ne’er-do-well betrothed to the altar with all haste—or watch her sister bear the scandalous consequences. But with the blackguard resisting his duty, she needs leverage. And only one man can provide it.

A giant holds all the cards (or so he thinks)
Sebastian Reaver has no time for presumptuous women. He has a club to run. So, when a perfect nuisance invades his office, demands a fortune in markers, and refuses to leave until he relinquishes them to her, he knows just the thing to send her scurrying back to Hampshire: Exact a price this prim country spinster would never agree to pay.

A fiery battle begins (with both sides playing for keeps)
Ordinarily, Augusta would never agree to become the mistress of a notorious club owner—whether he’s a lowborn ruffian or the wealthiest man in London or the most intriguing, ill-tempered giant she’s ever encountered … or all three. Calling his bluff raises the stakes (and the heat), but retreat will mean ruin for Augusta. Now, Sebastian wants her total surrender, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve—soul-stealing kisses, unexpected honor, and electrifying persuasion for the woman he never saw coming.

December 29
Elisa Braden
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

math wizard ,


An interesting and fast moving story. Augustus Widmore is after Sebastian Reiver for some markers given to him by a man who has ruined her sister. She wants to save her sister from ruin so she ends up striking a bargain with Sebastian. In case You didn’t guess in this case we have humor with a bit of mystery but love will win out in two cases . Wrongs will be made right and you have the advice to Sebastian on how to win a lady and choices for his future wife by an elderly lady.
It was an enjoyable and interesting book which I do recommend!

Jnelle87 ,

A must read

This was my favorite book. It was fun, charming, romantic, descriptive. Everything you want in a good book.

nynancyreads ,

Anything but a Gentleman

I highly recommend “Anything but a Gentleman” by Elisha Braden. I feel her writing gets better and better. I read a lot of romance novels and I really like that Elisa Braden’s have a strong story line. This is Book Eight I the Rescued from Ruin series but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Sebastian Reaver (aka Elijah Kilbrenner) is the owner of mot exclusive gaming establishment in London. He is very rich and does not suffer fools lightly. Augusta Widmore is an improvised daughter of a Baron who is trying to save her sister. Augusta wants the markers that Sebastian holds on the Earl that had promised to marry her sister but has left her sister pregnant and alone. There is a secondary romance in the book that I found very interesting. I don’t want to give the story away but the two main characters are very likable and have a lot of depth. This book was hard to put down. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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