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The final, breathtaking novel in Elisa Braden’s Rescued from Ruin series is the story readers have been clamoring for: Fragile yet unbroken, Hannah Gray is embarking on a husband hunt … if only Lady Wallingham hadn’t invited a wolf to the party.

All she wants is an ordinary life
A cruel past left Hannah Gray with one simple longing—normalcy. Normal ladies ride and waltz without fear. They have safe, normal husbands to give them safe, normal kisses. After years of healing, she’s ready to find “normal” for herself, and Lady Wallingham’s house party is the perfect place to begin. Perfect, that is, except for the cynical wolf-in-rogue’s-clothing whose every hungry glance threatens to crack her armor and pierce her fragile heart.

All he wants is to forget her
Bow Street runner Jonas Hawthorn vowed never to see the cold, haughty Miss Gray again. A year ago, he nearly died trying to protect her, only to be dismissed like a lowly servant. But soon, he’ll have land and servants of his own. He just has to locate an old dowager’s stolen goods, collect his prize, and avoid the beauty who haunts him like a moonlit sky.

All it takes is a single kiss
He never meant to touch her. She never meant to reveal the truth. But once he’s tasted the heat and longing hidden beneath her icy mask, the only mystery this Bow Street man burns to solve is how a roguish wolf might win the elusive Miss Gray for himself.

August 2
Elisa Braden
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Customer Reviews

Safe and secure ,

New FAVORITE Author: Elisa Braden : exceptional ❣

I've read all 10 books in the "Rescued from Ruin" series & loved them all! Usually devoured them in one sitting. Elisa Braden's Characters/books evoke strong emotion...offering incredible insight, lasting friendships, engaging dialogue, and over-the-top passion. Right up there with Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll re-read. Cannot wait for her next series!!

Currer Bell Society ,

A Kiss from a Rogue

A big thumbs up for the final book in the “ Rescued from Ruin” series. The relationship between the main characters is both witty and charming. I love how the author artfully has all of the main characters from nine previous books in the series make a brief appearance in this book. The book is well written. It’s a wonderful series from beginning to end. You should read them.

sed1128 ,

Sad to see the series end

I was on book six of this series when I received the ARC for A Kiss from a Rogue and flew through the rest of the series. I loved Hannah and Jonas. A common hero and high born heroine is one of my favorite tropes.
Jonas is the Bow Street runner from the previous book who is in love with Hannah but thinks she would never want anything to do with him. Hannah is the illegitimate but beloved sister of Lord Holstoke who was held captive for ten years by a very bad man (who died in book three). Together they are perfect. This was an excellent end to the series. Every single couple from the previous books are at a house party given by Lady Wallingham. I loved catching up with everyone. I have always loved Lady Wallingham, she has always been good for comic relief but in this book she broke my heart, I’m crying again while writing this review. Her obvious love for her husband and for all her friends and family was perfect. I’m sad to see the end of this series but I’m looking forward to the next one.

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