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Some nights are unforgettable…

Ten years ago, Quinn Hathaway and Maya Mercer shared a night of forbidden passion they vowed to keep secret forever.

When Quinn and Maya meet again, old sparks fly, but none of the reasons to hide their passion have changed. Quinn is still much younger and Maya has never told her son that she’s attracted to women.

Can Maya overcome her fear of what her family might think of her? And how will Quinn’s parents, who used to be Maya’s next-door neighbors, react to their daughter’s unconventional love affair?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss brings you a second-chance age-gap story about not being afraid of living life on your own terms.

April 1
Ladylit Pub
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Customer Reviews

Wickedhysteria ,

Great Read!!

Quinn and Maya has such an intense attraction makes you want to read more and more. Keeping there secret was the best thing to do but.. What happens next?

Fenway333 ,

An excellent read if you like age-gap romances.

At Your Most Beautiful by Harper Bliss involves Quinn, a 24-year-old who believes women in their 40s and 50s are the most beautiful. Quinn retreats to her parent's home in Milbury to regroup after a breakup. Maya, a 45-year-old family neighbor, and friend, is creating the next stage in her life after a divorce and her son leaving home. Swimming and Salsa dancing leads to an unforgettable night and an agreement that their secret will always be safe.
What happens with the secret when they meet again, ten years later, in New York City? Maya's attraction for Quinn can't be denied no matter how many times she tries to rationalize her feelings or how many times she withholds her new found sexuality and love from her son. Quinn's perception of her family's acceptance of her propensity towards older women is challenged when it comes to Maya. Will their secret survive, or will there be more unforgettable nights? An excellent read if you like age-gap romances.

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