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‘Tis better to have loved and lost . . . or is it?

To safeguard her future, orphaned Azalea’s grandfather arranges her marriage—in name only, of course, as she is not yet of age—to the son of his oldest friend, Lord Glaedon. Azalea, however, falls head over heels in love with her handsome new husband with all the impetuousness and romanticism of her youth before he sails back to England mere days after the wedding. When she learns of his death at sea, she is devastated.

Six years later, Azalea honors her grandfather’s dying wish by sailing for England herself to recover her inheritance. Once there, she is stunned to discover that Christian, the beloved husband she has believed dead all this time, is quite definitely alive . . . but seems to have no memory whatsoever of their marriage, or of her! Even worse, he is betrothed . . . to her cousin. Can Azalea possibly force Christian—now the illustrious Earl of Glaedon—to remember the truth? Or must she somehow win him away from her dazzlingly beautiful cousin to prevent him from committing bigamy—and breaking her heart again?

Book 6 of the Hiatt Regency Classics collection and Book 1 of the Americana Dreaming series

(Note: Readers who prefer their Regencies squeaky clean should be aware that this story is a bit spicier than the other books in the Hiatt Regency Classics collection.)

March 3
Dolphin Star Press
Brenda Hiatt Barber

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siewertsread ,


Interesting story! Enjoyed the dilemma !

at Home in Last C ,

Christmas Bride

All Brenda Hyatt's Books are difficult to put down but Christmas Bride was so enjoyable I felt the need to extend my appreciation. The ability to take us back to different times with tidbits of information to help us better understand our customs to this day. Thank you!

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