Bad Reputation Bad Reputation
Book 2 - Bad Bachelors

Bad Reputation

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It's true, I'm well-endowed.

But everything else is a huge misunderstanding…

My name is Wes Evans and saying I'm bad at love is a big understatement. I'm the son of Broadway royalty, and the only thing I've really ever wanted is to achieve something without having to ride on my family's coattails. Unfortunately, being dubbed"The Anaconda" on the notorious Bad Bachelor app wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Now, I've got a reputation I can't seem to shake, and a smash Broadway show I need to produce without the help of my family.

Enter Remi Drysdale—a sexy ballet dancer and the woman who could solve all my problems. She is a dream to watch on stage and will be the next best thing in American ballet. If I don't mess it all up by seducing her.

Readers are raving about Stefanie London's Bad Bachelor:

"Delightfully fresh. Stefanie London delivers all the feels."—LAUREN LAYNE, New York Times bestselling author

"Completely original. My #1 romance read of the year!"—JENNIFER BLACKWOOD, USA Today bestselling author

"Genuinely entertaining and memorable."—Booklist STARRED Review

"Elegant, descriptive, and delectable."—RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars TOP PICK

August 7
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Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

Bad Bachelor's App Strikes Again

In an effort to break away from his well known parents, Wes Evans puts into motion an out of the ordinary idea. Wes and his friend have come up with an Off-Broadway production that involves the crowd. It's lively, new age, AND on a very limited budget. Wes has managed to convince dancers of varying abilities to dance in his production, but he has yet to cast the lead....

Remi, former ballet dancer, teaches various dance classes at her friends studios. While she enjoys teaching, her real dream is to become a premier ballerina with a major dance company. Remi left Australia and moved to NYC with high hopes. After two disasterous auditions, self-doubt, and a past she can't seem to put behind her Remi decides to "take a break". Hence, teaching dance. It's during one of her parent-child dance classes that she first meets Wes. Wes knows he's found his lead when he returns to the studio to find Remi dancing before class. When Wes offers Remi the lead, she thinks he's joking. After promising to keep things professional, Remi accepts.

Between Wes' mom's "sabotage", reviews on the Bad Bachelor's app, funding issues, Remi's self-doubt, and a jealous ballerina, the Off-Broadway production seems doomed to fail. This novel is a truly enjoyable read. I LOVED Remi's witty banter! The chemistry between Wes and Remi was off the charts. I also liked the twist of having good reviews work against you! Wes' journey to become someone not tied to his family's name or fortune was admirable. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Ayekah ,

Insanely Good!

Book two in this series and wowza! This one just knocked my socks off. I absolutely loved this story.
It's intense, the characters are so well written and you get pulled into the story from the very first page. Romance abounds, the angst is low-medium, the steam is smoking hot and the storyline is so very real you feel like you're in the front row watching this drama unfold. And unfold it does.
The series revolves around a dating app called Bad Bachelors, introduced in Book one. This story happens to target Wes who is a wealthy well known man and now known for his sizable physical attributes thanks to a photo of him with someone of vacation. Thus the topic of Wes begins on Bad Bachelors. Wes has just broken away form his well known family in the ballet/dance world to produce his own show with a friend who will choreograph the show. It's a great idea he has but still hasn't found his lead yet.
Enter Remi, an Aussie now living in NYC and teaching Barre classes after leaving Australia and being badly burned in a relationship and her professional career as a ballerina shot to hell. She's teaching a mother-daughter class when Wes brings his niece in because his sister can't make it and the niece is adamant about going. Wes is taken with Remi, asks her out, she refuses. When he returns the next day he sees her dancing and knows he's found his lead. But will she accept? Will she even talk to him? We refuses again an offer for dinner. Her fears keep her safe. Stepping out and dancing again put her at risk. Meanwhile Wes is dealing with the Bad Bachelor nonsense, his family drama and trying to sway Remi into his show. When he does the story really takes off. Remi relies a lot on her two friends Darcy and Annie, it's the three of them. The story takes some very sharp twists and turns and holy crap moments. The drama is spellbinding, a perfect balance to keep you flipping those pages. Cursing one minute and smiling the next. The heat is perfect, Wes and Remi are two great well written characters and very likable. My own two cents is that Annie is a real botch.
My final take, read the book. It's a great story, not necessary to read book one, but you might want to anyway. Great story and deserves 5 stars. Stellar read Stefanie!

*arc from NetGalley and publisher for an honest review*

kmmichels ,


Remi & Wes were flippin' FABULOUS! I was drawn into this production Out of Bounds and did NOT want to put it down to do real life things. This book was all of the things I love... funny, intriguing, serious, sexy, down to earth, I could go on and on. Can I just start from the beginning and read all the fabulousness again?

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