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"A sweet, sexy read, featuring a couple that feels both true-to-life and aspirational.” Kirkus Review, Starred Review

American Angie Donovan has never wanted much. When you grow up getting bounced from foster home to foster home, you learn not to become attached to anything, anyone, or any place. But it only took her two days to fall in love with Australia. With her visa clock ticking, surely she can fall in love with an Australian—and get hitched—in two months. Especially if he’s as hot and funny as her next-door neighbor…

Jace Walters has never wanted much—except a bathroom he didn’t have to share. The last cookie all to himself. And solitude. But when you grow up in a family of seven, you can kiss those things goodbye. He’s finally living alone and working on his syndicated comic strip in privacy. Sure, his American neighbor is distractingly sexy and annoyingly nosy, but she’ll be gone in a few months...

Except now she’s determined to find her perfect match by checking out every eligible male in the town, and her choices are even more distracting. So why does it suddenly feel like he—and his obnoxious tight-knit family, and even these two wayward dogs—could be exactly what she needs?

Each book in the Patterson's Bluff series is STANDALONE:
* The Aussie Next Door
* Her Aussie Holiday

August 27
Entangled Publishing, LLC

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@LisaHines711 ,

Review: The Aussie Next Door

The Aussie Next Door by Stefanie London is a sweet romance set in a small town Australia. Angie Donovan has escaped her past in America and found a fresh start in a new place that feels exactly like she believes home should be. Renting a small apartment from one of the hottest guys she's ever laid eyes on doesn't hurt. Even if he is a bit quirky and distant. Jace, on the other hand, doesn't quite know what to make of his tenant. Her smiles, her non-stop chatter, her outgoing energy. It's a lot for someone as introverted as he is but she is a bright spot in his life that he soon learns he can't live without. Less a tale of how an American can stay in Australia and more a tale of how two people, vastly different, and each with their own issues, can learn to overcome their pasts and move forward. Sweet and sexy in all the right places, well-paced, and well-written, this was a great romance. Enjoy!

Agent$$$$ ,

The American and the Aussie

Angie Donovan has always dreamed of a day where she’d have a family to call her own. After bouncing from one foster home to the next, Angie finds herself in the spotlight. Needing to escape her life in America, Angie flees to a quaint little town in Australia. Angie becomes involved in small town life, finally finding peace. Until her quiet life is suddenly falling apart with the news that her visa is expiring. With only two months remaining on her visa, Angie vows to find her HEA as that is the only way she can remain in Australia.

Growing up in a family of seven, Jace Walters wanted nothing except peace and quiet. As a high-functioning autistic adult, Jace thrives on structure and routine. Wanting to shake up his life a bit, Jace’s mom tricks him into dog sitting two dogs for a few months. The dogs, combined with his chatty, beautiful next door neighbor, has his life is suddenly out of control. When he discovers Angie’s plan of love and marriage in the next two months, he takes on the role of her wingman. After having his former fiancé leave him due to his quirks, Jace knows he could never be the man Angie needs. But, he’d rather have her in his life as a friend than not have her in his life at all.

I absolutely LOVED Jace and Angie! I was sooo “team Jace”. Everything came easily for his siblings. I wanted it ALL for Jace, not Trent. I know there are good, decent foster families out there. The abuse children endure so their “parents” can claim a check is horrific! This story is realistic, thought provoking, and inspiring. It’s heart wrenching to think a child has never felt love. I’m extremely happy Angie found her HEA, her home. I also enjoyed the reference to Calvin and Hobbes, my all-time favorite comic growing up. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Samantha B. Sokol ,

Different spin on this storyline with a 90-Day Fiancé-type twist!

Different spin on this storyline with a 90-Day Fiancé-type twist! Angie had an extremely difficult childhood, and because of those experiences, had a tough time in adulthood trying to establish some anonymity and decides to move to Australia. While there she stumbles upon a small town and falls in love with the country and the people. But when her visa is up and is denied an extension, she desperately does anything she can in order to stay and not go back to the memories of her past. Jace had the perfect childhood, but being diagnosed with autism made him feel like he didn’t belong and something was missing. When he finds out that his renter Angie has two months to marry or leave the country, he logically offers himself through his way of thinking. While both of them are attracted to each other, neither know much about the other and it’s like the relationship is set up to crash. As time runs out, Angie realizes that she has to face her past head on rather than hide behind Jace’s offer, even though real feelings have formed. Overall I enjoyed this storyline, although parts of it were drawn out and a little over-staged (premise of a 90-Day Fiancé-type twist).
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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