Beautiful Salvation Beautiful Salvation
Book 3 - Whiskey Melody

Beautiful Salvation

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★★★★★ “Just when I thought I found my favorite Emmanuelle Snow book, she writes words like those and I fall in love with another one.”
★★★★★ “It’s a beautiful duet. It really is, and I could not recommend it more highly.”

A story of second chances and new beginnings.
Dahlia Ellis's life is finally making sense again when Nick Peterson stumbles into her shop by mistake, shattering her plans and stealing her heart. Behind his charming smile lies broken memories and a shattered heart. Their growing friendship is something neither of them has planned for, but it’s also the best thing that has happened to them in a long while. The more time they spend together, the more they realize their meeting is life offering them a new chance at happiness. Nick’s heart has been bruised too many times already. When a new event breaks it to pieces, he turns to the one person who has experienced heartbreak and can help him get through his. As their scorching chemistry ignites, Dahlia finds herself falling fast and hard for the stranger she never saw coming. As she grapples with her own fears, she must decide if the man who checks all the boxes on her perfect guy list is worth the risk of loving again.
Can Nick and Dahlia’s burgeoning relationship withstand the ghosts of their pasts, or will Nick's hidden scars prove to be too deep to heal?

Beautiful Salvation is book two in the Second Tear duet. This is the conclusion to Nick and Dahlia’s beautiful and heartbreaking love story. It begins where Cruel Destiny ends.

March 23
Smart Lily publishing inc.
Smart Lily Publishing inc.

Customer Reviews

Noplacelikefiction ,

All the feels

Beautiful Salvation is book two in the Second Tear duet and follows the evolution of Nick and Dahlia’s relationship from Cruel Destiny. They go from simmering just below the surface to a full blown inferno in a romance that is beautiful and emotional. The bond Snow forges between them is only rivaled by the bond Nick shares with Dahlia’s son, Jack. All the while, they are both still grieving what they have lost.

“This man had infiltrated every corner of my mind. My heart. And my soul. His sorrow became mine. Nothing could break us apart as grief held us prisoners.”

Just when I thought I found my favorite Emmanuelle Snow book, she writes words like those and I fall in love with another one. If I didn’t love Nick before, his relationship with Jack and with Buddy cemented him as my favorite character in the series so far. There were so many times I found myself smiling at all the sweet moments and so many others I had to fan myself from how hot the interactions between Nick and Dahlia got.

This book hit all the feels: sweet, spicy, funny, romantic. It was a wonderful ending to their story and has me even more excited for Tucker and Addison’s.

I received copy from the author and am leaving this review voluntarily.

Jen Bemis ,

Emotional overflow….on a good way!

"Our souls fused in the most intimate way as we sat there in silence, comforting each other, healing together."

GAH.....I thought Emmanuelle Snow played with my emotions with Pink and Country but I am hear to say that is nothing compared to what she does with Whiskey and Country. Nick's early story hit me on such a deep level very quickly in this book. If you have read Pink and Country you have met him and Dahlia and know the story of them but that isn't where this starts with Nick months before Dahlia enters his life. Nick has just done most likely the hardest thing he will ever have to do in his life and starts spiraling down into a depressive state. One night a man knocks on Nick's door bearing a gift....a gift that will put his life on a completely different path than he ever imagined.

The spiritual journey that Nick ends up on will have anyone believing in fate. There definitely was no better road for him to travel than the one that led him to Green Mountain, TN. It is here that he is awakened after the tragedy he suffered. He is able to slow down and enjoy life and adjusts to small town living much faster than he expected to. Of course meeting Dahlia Ellis on his first day in town may have played a part in this sense of peace he has come to experience. Dahlia is also awakened upon meeting Nick....I whole heartedly consider it love at first sight. He is the breath of fresh air she so desperately needed yet didn't realize it until he was right there in front of her.

Emmanuelle Snow gave these two a hot instant connection but it is nothing compared to the build-up that takes place over so much of the book...that is even HOTTER! I feel like the way these characters are written they connected on the emotional level first by taking things slow, building a friendship all while the simmering heat was just slightly below the surface. Nick and Jack's instant connection almost rivals that of Dahlia and Nick in the sense that Nick really is a great guy with a caring heart. While what these two had to go through was nothing short of horrible it seems they were meant to experience that in preparation for each other. It made/makes them who they are today.

The Carter Hills Band series just keeps getting better and better with each book. I have been through the ringer emotionally with all of them I have read so far so which makes the stories that much more enjoyable for me. Emmanuelle Snow is very talented with her words and getting them just right so her readers are feeling what her characters are feeling. I cannot wait to see what else she is going to give us out of this series!

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