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She is programmed to kill. 

He’ll do anything to survive. 

When Captain Caleb Shepperd is released from prison, all he wants to do is keep his head down and smuggle contraband through the nine systems. But there’s a problem with that plan. The synthetic human stowed away in his cargo bay carries secrets from a past he thought he’d escaped. Secrets that could bring him and the nine systems to its knees. 

Now the authorities want Shepperd dead and his ship in pieces. And the synth? Well, she has an itchy trigger finger and murder on her synthetic mind.

Shepperd is about to discover he can’t outrun his past, especially when that past has orders to kill. 

Action, drama and suspense collide in this no-holds-barred sci-fi adventure!

"This world is dark, the characters are twisted and I was completely hooked." Feeling Fictional

"(Girl From Above) is what would happen if HBO made a love child between the shows Firefly and Killjoys."Smadas Book Smack

"It's as if Blade Runner, Firefly, and Ex_Machina had a baby named Girl From Above!"~ Goodreads Reviewer

"Generous helpings of sex, drugs and rock n' roll plus the intriguing character of the post-human #1001 help this novel stand out from the crowd." ~ Book of the Week (May 2015)

"Prepare yourself for some laughs, thrills, and potentially some tears."Sammie's Book Nook

"Unique, gritty and totally awesome."Bookfever

Novel length: Approximately 43,000 words. 177 paperback pages. 

Genre: Space opera. 

Series Reading Order: 

#1 Betrayal 

#2 Escape 

#3 Trapped 

#4 Trust

#5 Deliverance

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 12
Pippa DaCosta
Phillippa Lancaster

Customer Reviews

GMontross ,

Space opera


doclarock ,


I somehow got a free copy of this book. I never read Pippa DaCosta before and I must say how enjoyable the book was. Enough to buy the series. I believe a ‘win ‘win ‘ situation for reader and writer. As well, reading mostly male writers, I see a definite difference in a female’s point of view. More detail and less descriptions which take away from the story. Her choice of words and sense of feelings is way above par. Maybe it is gender based or individual based, I cannot say, but DaCosta writes fluidly and exact. I am hooked to read the 1000 REVOLUTION. I wanted to add more to my review. Since this first book, I read all of her works as Pippa and as Ariana Nash. Bring in lock down has not gone to waste. I read some great similar authors like Pippa and some none fiction. Now, I found myself rereading Betrayal. I really think her writings superior and enjoyed it so much, I will continue the rest of this collection and probably the rest of what I have read. You know, at least for me, I missed a word or a sentence due to my mood or hurrying to finish a chapter. I missed a few details and just enjoyed her talents as a writer. It taking me a day to read and I cannot wait to continue.

Old Coqui ,

Betrayal - an excellent read

Well written and entertaining.

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