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"This s**t is why you always kill the bad guy."

Wanted dead or alive by the law and every criminal this side of the jump gates, there's only one place Caleb and his crew can hide:


All the crap in the Nine systems washes up there. 

With their rustbucket tugship Starkiller about to cough its last space-mile and credits scarce, raiding a few scrappers rigs is a last resort. Scrappers are hard bastards, but then so is Caleb. 

Stealing from the bad guys should be easy, if Caleb's crew can get their s**t together. The pressure is on. Trust is a joke. And then there's One. New and improved but just like her old self? Or not... 

One says there's a revolution brewing, and she'd know. 

Synthetics move among us, their strings pulled by a mad man. The Nine Systems teeters on the edge of a war it can't see coming, and Caleb's crew might be all that stands in its way. 

Sometimes it takes bad guys to kill bad guys, and if Caleb's crew have learned anything together, it's how to be bad.


Reading Order:

Season One:

#1 Betrayal

#2 Escape

#3 Trapped

#4 Trust

Season Two:

#5 Deliverance

#6 Resistance 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 31
Crazy Ace Publishing
Phillippa Lancaster

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