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First off, relax and open your mind to new possibilities! This can easily be accomplished by examining the shortcomings which are all too obvious in our society and religious beliefs. If we apply scrutiny and look where we are not directed to, we can all find enough contradictions to cause doubt and give rise to consider alternate possibilities. This is why free thought and certain expectations which demand “validity” are frequently not met, nor are they encouraged.

If you have “rode with me before” then no warnings are warranted or required, however if you are a “virgin” to my perspectives, decide right here and now if you are willing to have your beliefs challenged to the extreme! I cuss occasionally even when typing, and I speak from the heart. I make no excuse except for my being another imperfect human, seeking to improve.
As a result of the “veritable encyclopedia of the weird” that I keep tripping over in my quest for truth and knowledge outside of the mainstream; I inadvertently offend and blacken the odd toe. So what - am I not supposed to look? Unfortunately this seems to be the case! So I ask; “What kind of a society encourages suppression of new or alternate information, and the resulting perspective change which would result? A society which is “all too happy” with the current situation to be blunt, preferring to maintain its stranglehold.
Unfortunately a consistent failure to consider any “new theory,” which would give reasons to revise “old theory,” is hard to deny. We are not as “cut and dried” or “firmly in the know” as is professed. Most of the “geniuses” we attribute the development of our society to, today as always; have always been labelled “crazy” and worthless initially - and often marginalized or outright “blackballed.” We are told this by the people in our society who merely regurgitate the existing ideas and theories, who have in fact never had anything to offer us; other than the denial of the free thinking pioneers! Why do the “least” among us, get to steer and direct the process? The reason is money.
Why are we never to question the existing bits or failures? Reporting what is observed, rather than gleaning the operation seems to be the promoted method. It seems as though figuring out how it all works, is the last thing society and the “bogus control structure” wants you to do! Once you know you have been lied to, by exploring independently collected information, you will entertain alternatives. And the alternate answers to be blunt; “kick the shit” out of the crap we have been fed - and I guess I made my point.
Spiritually we face a similar problem. The bulk of us believe in “something” but find little or no comfort through science or the church, since one denies the obvious, and the other denies the facts. Researching what God is, or what we are from any alternate perspective, is simply not permitted and generally considered “silly” or worse yet the “devils quandary.” Nobody considers the contradictions exposed, by accepting uninformed and restricted viewpoints, as the correct path to enlightenment.
Don’t misunderstand my point, science, faith, and society, as confused as it is, has served us well to this level of development. The problem is that we have developed our understanding far beyond that level, and we are now smart enough to ask some really interesting questions. These questions however, can no longer be answered within the existing paradigm. We really need to ponder why such a fear to explore alternatives exists?

Religion & Spirituality
April 4
Attila Vincent
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