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The first kiss I stole.

The second, he claimed.

This is forbidden. This is taboo. And this is a scandal that could drown us both.

My name is Waverly Owens, and I’m in love with my high school swim coach.

I’ve got a crush. He’s gorgeous and brooding, with arms that make my knees week, abs that make me forget how to breath, and good lord does he fill out a swimsuit in all the right ways.

The only problem? He’s ten years older, my mother is his boss, and, oh right, he’s my high school swim coach.


Camden Kirby is what you might call “x-rated” hot. He’s too gorgeous—certainly too gorgeous to be coaching girls high school swimming. Crushing on my coach is one thing. But when I end up creating a fake dating app profile specifically to, well, secretly seduce him? Well, now we’re playing in the deep end.

There’s too much at stake for us to be this reckless, but once we’ve crossed that line, there’s no swimming back, no matter how wrong this is. 

I’ve got homework and college apps, he’s got demons, and scars. I’m in over my head, but I want to drown in him. I want to lose myself in him.

This is a story love, lust, and diving in head-first.

…You better take a deep breath.

Each of the Winchester Academy books are completely standalone stories, with no cliffhangers.

As with all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed. 

October 11
Madison Faye
Ghost Machine Creative, Inc.

Customer Reviews

C dub 007 ,

Left Me Breathless

Honey listen......this book.....whew. One of the hottest that Madison Faye has ever written. This series has not disappointed. Every book in it is a banger! Pun intended. If your not reading these books and jumping your significant other, there is something wrong with you.

Bumbleborder ,

Knew this coach was a hottie!

Having read the entire series, this isn't a great book, but it hardly is a bad one, either. I think the angst between the hero (Camden) and the heroine (Waverly) is far better than a previous few books I've been reading. Camden is a well-rounded character, and we do get to see the skeletons in his closet that shaped the way he had been handling Waverly in the first half of the book. Yes, he wants her but there are numerous barriers preventing him from doing so. Waverly is the predator stalking Camden, not knowing about his skeletons but fully understanding the taboo of her having a relationship with her coach. Oops! She finds out soon enough!

One thing I learned, since this is the sixth book in the series, if you're a guy going to Winchester Academy, you're either a sports demigod or you're a douche bag of the first water. Why would that half of the population have to be dweebs? Need a few more stories about some geeks that are actually nice and engaging.

The world-crafting continues to be excellent. Continuity with the other five stories (soon to be six) is superb. After all, all these characters bump into each other throughout this series. (I love the secret tunnels between the dorm buildings! But I still love Chasing Glory's guys' personal dorm rooms!) I only wish there would be more in this series. There are too many characters that need a story!

Other than for the great need of an editor (too many wrong words and broken paragraphs), this is a decent series to invest in. I think I've read this story at least three times, and I know I'll be rereading this series again and again. This story alone is third favorite for sure!

Hb314 ,

Sinfully Addictive!!

This is definitely one of my favorite books in this series. Camden and Waverly will rock your fracking world. I read this story fast and furiously. I needed to know what happened next! These two have a whirlwind, steamy, undeniable, and unforgettable chemistry that makes you almost wish it was real. An absolute must read!!

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