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Off limits, forbidden, twenty years my junior…

And in way over her head.

She needs saving. I need to keep away.

But one taste of those sweet, innocent lips, and I’ll fight like hell to keep her safe.

I had no business looking at her like that. No business wanting her, craving her—the caveman in me roaring to claim and take.

Of course, that was before I realized who the girl in the mask grinding on my lap was.

Her name is Brynn Henley. She’s eighteen—barely—and one of my students at the private high school where I’m Principal. She’s out-of-bounds, but then, she’s also out of time and out of choices.

Some bad, bad people want her for themselves. They want to take her from me, and hurt her, all to settle a debt to the mob her father owes. 

…They’re going to have to come through me first.

I have no business with a girl like her. Too innocent, too untouched, too barely legal. But I’ve had a taste, and now, I’ll have the rest.

This forbidden heat could engulf and burn us both. But the mob made a mistake. They came after what’s mine.

…And nothing is going to take her away from me. 

Each of the Winchester Academy books are completely standalone stories, with no cliffhangers.

As with all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed. 

October 18
Madison Faye
Ghost Machine Creative, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bumbleborder ,

Love this series!

Great brain candy when you're in the mood for a older male/young but legal female school girl story.

Colton the principal finally gives in to his urges regarding a young, sassy, high-accomplished senior student, Brynn, especially now that she's turned eighteen... but that realization doesn't hit him on the head until he finds her at a strip club while he's there for a bachelor's party with one of his old military buddies (or he wouldn't have had been there in the first place as he could had just watch his heart throb from afar at work!). She's there because of her father. No, this isn't the usual father-owes-at-daughter's-expense story, but it's an interesting twist of an old theme. Her father's gone, having fled the jurisdiction of the United States. Her stepmother left her, stealing Brynn's trust fund. Now she's all by herself at the Wincester's dorms without any cash for the following semester. And now she's being threatened by a local mafia thug to pay her daddy's humungous debt. I guess there is money to be embezzled/made when you're a CPA without scruples.

Continued world-building is great, but the continuity is exceptional, considering that there are more than one novel being squished into the same timeline. I enjoy seeing Colton being a red-blooded male with manners as well as might, protecting Brynn from more than one foe. The end did come a little too soon for my tastes, and it was heavy in the deus-ex-machina. (How many favors does the world owe one woman??) I'll let you figure that out for yourself.

As usual, I can see Colton in my mind's eye, as well as Brynn. I just wish there was more Winchester Academy!!

I really liked the Winchester Academy series by Madison Faye. I'm sorry to say that this is the last of the series (so far), but she did intimate that there could be another book running around in that brain of hers. I wish she would get it on paper!!

MindyS80 ,

Definitely HOTT!!

Barely was Definitely Hott!! Love this series. Love that when Brynn thinks all hope is lost, fate steps in with throwing Colton in the mix. Even though it goes against everything he believes in, he can’t let Brynn go. With everything against her and the mob after her, she definitely needs a strong man like Colton in her life. I especially love the fact that in the end she had more people in her corner than she believed. I can’t wait to see what the next scandal has in store for us.

Anna Marissa ,

Perfect ending!

The perfect ending to a perfect series! I absolutely loved Colton and Brynn’s story. And I especially loved that the mob was thrown in as well! Madison Faye has a gift with writing. It’s the best mix of taboo and sweetness!

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