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Amir wants to meet a guy outside of a bar. Kinzi wants someone who won't cheat on him. Vico just wants a quick lay. In Gateway, when you need to meet someone, there's no-one better than sexy, flirty Hayward to get you just what you want-or at least have a good time trying. But when Hayward himself needs someone, who will be there to help?

Fiction & Literature
February 22
24 Carat Words
24 Carat Words Inc

Customer Reviews

Mbiob ,

Awesome book

Ive just finished the sample book and left me saying "oh, what's gonna happen next?" and then it says to buy the book for only $7.99. I was like damit. But I can't wait for the full book!

Metal Fox ,

Beautiful tale...

I question how I can call myself a writer when I sit here struggling to find the words to describe a story as beautifully crafted as this one. It took me a while to warm up to this book. The book spends a long time setting up the story. Because Kyell has yet to let me down, and because the setup was constructed in a creative way, I felt compelled to keep reading. The story begins with three separate accounts of a... very playful evening. It wasn't until midway into the third account that the realization hit me as to what was really going on with Hayward, the primary character of the book. That unexpected moment of empathy I felt for Hayward made this book impossible to put down. This was not the first time I've had my life hijacked by one of Kyell's books. Thankfully, the book only claimed a single evening. There is so much more I want to say about the beauty of this story, but I don't trust myself to do so without spoiling it for the readers of this review. Fans of Kyell's other works should not be disappointed by this book. Readers new to Kyell Gold who prefer that their erotic fiction contain a heavy helping of plot should find this an enjoyable read.

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