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Trent Faulkner was happy working with his hands to build custom furniture. He had made a name for himself and his design company. Love wasn’t even on his radar. Then one client broke down his barriers, only to make him leave in the morning. Trent made a resolution to forget about her, but that was hard to do when she was everywhere he looked, including in his heart.

Skye Jessamine might be America’s newest sweetheart, but she’s really just a small town girl who had been broken down by everyone around her so that they could mold her and her career into superstardom. Then a chance meeting with Trent Faulkner gave her a glimmer of happiness before it was ripped away from her. Skye’s willing to fight for love, but that’s not the only fight she has coming when she finally tries to break free of the spotlight.

Skye can think of only one man to put her trust in when her life is in danger. They say love is worth fighting for and now Trent will do just that. Trent and Skye fight for their lives as they try to make it through the shadows hiding behind Hollywood’s bright lights. But are they prepared for what comes when those lights hit Shadows Landing?

October 20
Laurens Publishing
Laurens Publishing

Customer Reviews

kairiana ,


I like the book it was so exciting my granddaughter love the names her name is Kairi Skye she said karri name it almost Kairi but really I can’t wait for more of your books

Diva Princess1 ,

Hollywood in the Shadow

Trent Faulkner was a furniture designer designed a special order for Skye Hollywood favorite sweetheart. When he delivered the furniture he had no idea meeting the real Skye was possible. She invited him to stay for dinner and the talked all night. 😉well mostly, only when he woke her manager Lenny was there shoving a NDA in his face, so he signed it and left. Skye tried to connect with him after but he didn’t return her calls or text. Then as Hollywood always does, some naked pictures were leaked. Not all real. Anyway leading her straight to him in Shadows Landings. Awesome story with lots of twists and turn and action excitement.....

Jeruddankylsherm ,

100 stars

I will never not read a Kathleen Brooks book. Everything this woman has written I have read and I will read anything else she puts out. From laugh out loud comedy , To romance you dream about, into action scenes you can’t even get in the movies. I have never been more in love with an entire cast of characters including Keenston and shadows landing’s entire populations. Must read I recommend these books to anybody who asks what they should read next. And I’ll keep reading them as long as she keeps writing them. And I have got to know the apple pie recipe ASAP!

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