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When Nicolaus Copernicus discovered the Earth wasn’t the center of the Universe, everything changed. When Frederick Miescher discovered DNA, everything changed again. When quantum physicists discovered our physical universe isn’t real, that it’s a hologram - everything ... wait! Nothing changed - yet. Now "Butterflies Are Free To Fly" offers a new and radical approach to spiritual evolution.

Health, Mind & Body
September 30
Stephen Davis
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Onrrav ,


He has yet to experience the butterfly... He chose to argue points made by others and has to prove himself to be right when we all know it does not matter. The reason for three stars is the concept is very entertaining and perhaps if I can unravel the layers as I enter the cocoon, just then maybe.....

Rudy714iphone ,

Interesting use of Quantum mechanics

First I am thankful the author took his time to create this book and is free. I found his application to the ego, brain, and consciousness quiet interesting. I am not to keen on labelings of the infinite I, and the the hologram. They offer an inhuman point of view. I share the same understanding that one has to find their inner self, and understand the ego. But I don't agree one should work on detaching emotionally from key things that make us human. Like Love, if you detach yourself from feeling sad when someone dies then you are just a Body, and emotionless body if you don't mourn. This book is a sure way to make one about, who they really are but I feel this will also make you numb to everything, and lead to believe you think your enjoy life. Find happiness from with in, and all external events will be minimized or improved.

Pilot Peaks ,

Butterflies are Free to Fly

Well written. The content is mind expanding. The writer used metaphors to explain scientific concepts and spiritual concepts! Great story! The idea of making this content free to anyone is revolutionary and in keeping with the writer's perspective about life as he knows it.

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