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The New York Times bestselling epic tale of the last great rock band

From the bestselling author of Hammer of the Gods comes the complete story of Guns N? Roses ? from their drug-fueled blastoff in the 80s to the turbulent life of legendary singer Axl Rose, and his fifteen-year, multimillion dollar quest to make the perfect hard rock album.

Riotous world tours. Drug-induced rampages. One hundred millions albums sold. In his sixth major rock biography, Stephen Davis details the riveting story of the last great rock band. Watch You Bleed documents the life of every band member, including the improbable story of W. Axl Rose. Davis brilliantly captures the Guns? raw power ? from the gutters of Sunset Strip to the biggest stadiums on the planet. Based on exclusive interviews, private archives, and packed with stunning revelations, Watch You Bleed is the savage, definitive, and highly unauthorized story of Guns N? Roses. For the first time, millions of fans will learn the whole truth about this legendary band.

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August 26
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

kckckckckc ,

Watch You Bleed

A very interesting read. Just makes me sick to see what these talented people did to themselves and hope it doesn't ruin it for a GNR fan every time I hear their music. Don't even bother with Steven Adler's take on it...

kittycake1 ,


The author's own homophobic opinions and use of slurs was a turn off. I didn't make it very far before I'd had enough of it. I grew up in the same time and place,right here in LA, I'm around the same age as GNR, huge fan, but seriously...read the books by Duff, Slash, and Steven instead.

Jonathan Porter Valdese ,

Pure insight

I grew up listening to GNR as a child... I grew up to be a teenager and GNR was dissolved.. I became a man and saw , izzy and the juju hounds, Velvet revolver, an slash's snake pit all dissolve.. I found this book as a middle aged family man/ rock n roller. I loved every page!! I finished it in 2 days! I could not put it down! I especially love the first half of the book! A tale of great rock n roll debauchery! Love love love love it! Great read!!

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