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With another dungeon behind them, Mukohda and party (and Elrand for some reason) take a well deserved rest to collect themselves before hitting the road again. And now, with many more levels, Mukohda has earned another new Tenant. But Mukohda doesn’t have time to sit back and enjoy it, nor to nurse his freshly wounded heart - they’re on the clock to ditch Elrand back in Dolan! Meanwhile, in the divine realm, the gods who have been mooching off Mukohda all this time may have met their match! And will Mukohda finally find something worthwhile to spend all of his money on...?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 5
J-Novel Club
J-Novel Club LLC

Customer Reviews

Jenny6brains ,

Good up until, finding some slaves to run the household

This was such a fun fantasy slice of life piece. The fun element ended for me when the main character bought a large estate but now needs help to maintain the property. I don’t mind slaves in story context for the most part because historical slavery has been used throughout history, but the author painted this Japanese man as being of higher morality then the people of the world he’s now in. So he goes to a store that sells slaves and tells the owner he’s looking for cute female sex slaves and the owner basically tells him that the country’s that he’s in doesn’t support slaves as sex workers. I can’t read a story with a person thats moral corrupt and two faced and still enjoy it, and this guy constantly doesn’t understand why no women fall at his feet when he hasn’t tried to court one or has such little opinion of women in general.

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