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For fans of Pamela Clare’s acclaimed I-Team and Colorado High Country series…

An I-Team/Colorado High Country Crossover Novel

Fire chief Eric Hawke knows it’s only a matter of time until the next big wildfire. He’s done everything he can to prepare his crews for the inevitable. When high winds turn a small blaze into a raging crown fire that threatens Scarlet Springs, he, Brandon Silver, and the rest of Scarlet FD put their lives on the line to save the town and its citizens. But the one thing Hawke hadn’t planned for was bureaucratic red tape and waffling from higher-ups that could turn this crisis into a catastrophe. When his requests for support go unheeded, he’s faced with the prospect of watching the town he loves burn to ashes.

But sometimes help comes from unexpected places.

Marc Hunter, Julian Darcangelo, and Zach McBride are in the mountains above Scarlet Springs for an interagency training exercise when they see a single wisp of smoke to the west. What begins as a fun day of playing cops and bad guys soon becomes a battle against time, as they join forces with Hawke and members of the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team to save friends trapped by the fire.

Together, they pit their strength and courage against a terrifying and unforgiving force of nature. Will it be enough? Or will the ravenous flames claim lives—and leave the people of Scarlet Springs forever scarred?

December 14
Pamela Clare
Pamela White

Customer Reviews

ShannonS74 ,


This might be my favorite Pamela Clare book to date. I could not put this one down. It pulled me in on page 1 and caused me to focus on nothing but finding out what happened next. I even found myself sitting in the grocery store parking lot for almost an hour because I needed to finish it. So, so, so good! I loved the crossover of the two teams, the emotions and the action in the book. The only down side is now I’m anxiously awaiting the next one!

~Mindy Lou~ ,


Holy moly! This book was intense. I have not read all of the books to both series, but I did recognize quite a few couples. This was great in the way that it brought all these books together and lets the reader check in with these couples.

What was even better is that the storyline will have your heart pumping. This scenario is real life. To be in the minds of all these characters as they face a situation that is not only scary, but can happen and has happened to real people had me riveted to the pages.

I was terrified for these characters. I was rooting for them to beat back that fire and survive. I cried when family members left behind got devastating news and I also rejoiced when they got good news. You can't possible read this book and feel nothing.

Well done Pamela Clare!

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