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Kayla stands in the eye of a hurricane. Past and present are on a collision course, and her tactical experience won’t save her. She’s the target on a serial killer’s radar. The media brews a storm of confusion, pointing at the warriors stationed at Coronado. To catch the killer, she has to relinquish hope, and the Navy SEAL protecting her.

Navy SEAL Thane (Ghost) Austen is forced to choose between Kayla and his duty. If he deploys, she’ll die. If she returns to Canada, he’ll lose the woman who cracked his armor, and exposed his heart. Her abusive past is holding her hostage. There’s two battles to be won: to light Kayla’s Fire and extinguish the Shark’s. Life broke them both in half, but together they’re whole, and he’ll walk through hell to keep her. The conclusion to Ghost and Snow White’s fight to survive in, “A Warriors Challenge” series.

June 29
Natasza Waters
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ma 317 ,

Heart wrenching

The author wrote this so well you fell what each character feels. You find yourself laughing and crying and even angry as you read. Each page has suspense. Prepare for a book hangover
Once you start you will not put down
So grab your glass of wine and comfy spot and enjoy the movie that will fill your mind

Michelle Winters ,


I found the first book in the Warrior's Challenge series just a couple of months before Kayla's Fire was released - and it was a good thing seeing there was a cliff hanger, and while I knew that I'd eventually get to that HEA, the wait was hard!! I took a whole Saturday and planted myself on the couch to immerse myself back into Thane and Kayla's world and live with them through all the (crazy-drama-filled-just-wanna-shake-'em) ups and downs. There were several times I was crushed at the whole "oh no! What on earth are they going to have to deal with now??!!" and was just hanging on and begging for some good times for these two! And when they had those good times, whew, were they good and sweet and melt-y in my heart!! Man, did they need to have and store up those good memories for the bad times!! Luckily, Thane realized that with everything Kayla had lived through and was living through, she needed him to never, ever, *ever* give up - and while there were moments where I wouldn't have blamed him for throwing up his hands and saying never mind, he knew that he couldn't live without her and wouldn't ever let her go (even if it appeared he was, cause that's what Kayla said (but didn't really mean) she wanted him to do).

Natasza didn't disappoint in this story - and I'm on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting the next books in the series!!!

This book has a permanent place on my keeper shelf and will definitely be re-read often! I enjoyed it even more the 2nd time I read it. :)

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