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Code Name: Redemption is book six in A Warrior’s Challenge series.

A new discovery for fans who love the Troubleshooters series or KGI series. Suspense, raw emotion and redemption are ahead.

Rugged. Mysterious. Dangerous.

Lieutenant Commander Greg LaPierre, a Special Forces Operator, returns home after a seven month deployment. He wants to shake combat from his back, but only days after his arrival the police accuse him of murder.

Someone is slaughtering women and leaving them at historic locations in the emerald city of Victoria. Whispers of Whitechapel drape the cobblestone streets with fear. Mattie Bidault, a local journalist, has been following the case from the beginning, and Greg is either innocent or she’s falling for the deadliest serial killer since Jack the Ripper.

August 10
Natasza Waters
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Michelle Winters ,

series still going strong!

The Warrior's Challenge series is still going strong with Code Name: Redemption, and I still never feel like I get enough! Knowing this is the 2nd to last book helps a little, but knowing I can revisit the Alpha Squad and Greg (Canada's JTF) anytime I want to helps the most. I'm not ready to say goodbye but I'm also super looking forward to the next book.


Greg and Mattie. Their story -- wow. I read the blurb. I watched the book trailer video -- and I still wasn't fully prepared for the awesomeness that was given to me. There's just enough creepy suspense and puzzles to keep you on your toes. There's enough spicy heat simmering to keep you fanning your face. There's enough banter between all the characters to keep you laughing, groaning, and feeling anxious for them. And there's just enough heartache to make the healing acceptance satisfying.

I loved watching Greg's relationship with Mattie grow and bloom, and how he got his own version of Kayla (gotta read books 1 & 2 to get the full understanding of that) that was perfect for him - stubborn frustration and tempting smiles and all! Mattie is one strong, determined woman, and that's exactly what Greg needed to help fight back his demons. Then, when you add Thane and Kayla to the mix -- oh my! The unique relationship between Greg and Kayla causes history to be exposed and dealt with by all 4 people (characters? heck, they're real people to me!) which while it was heart shattering, the healing and acceptance and growth was preciously beautiful. I loved the convos between Greg and Thane and seeing them deal with each other. So many sweet moments abound throughout the story with all the characters.

If you loved the previous books, you're gonna want to experience this book. If you're just diving in, it could work as a stand alone, but you'll definitely appreciate the dynamics and history among everyone more by reading the first two books and getting Thane and Kayla's hea story.

I loved this installment in the Warrior's Challenge series and have it sitting on my favorites shelf, next to the first 5 books.

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