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Tony Bale must stop a deadly virus before it’s launched on the United States and resist an undefeatable desire to possess Lumin’s innocence. Mission success probability: slim.

Since their brief meeting, Lumin Edenridge can’t squelch her dreams of the handsome Navy SEAL who moved through her life like a shadow. By daylight he was gone, but the craving in his gaze left a mark. When she wakes up next to a dead scientist involving her in a terrorist plot, street smarts won’t help her survive. She needs Tony.

The stunning aerialist Tony left in Las Vegas lingers in his memory. A seven month deployment looms when he answers Lumin’s distress call. Defending her is his first priority. When terrorists turn her into a weapon, Lumin hides to protect him. His team name is Tinman, and he has twelve hours to rescue the woman who possesses his heart in “Code Name: Luminous”.

September 13
Waterfall Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Michelle Winters ,


I finished this book about an hour ago and I'm still overwhelmed with emotions.

What I love most about Natasza's writing is how she brings her characters to life. Each one is real to me, and I feel a part of their SEAL family. The next thing is while this is fiction, she keeps things real. Very real. Painfully beautifully real. I feel everything deep inside.

I have enjoyed getting to know Tony through the whole series, and then absolutely adored him in his own book. Experiencing how he took one of the SEAL's mantras (never give up) and applied that to his lady - melted my heart. Watching Lumin bloom and blossom under Tony's care: breathtakingly beautiful.

I loved how even though Tony and Lumin were the main characters in this story and definitely stayed the primary focus, we got to spend lots of time with Thane Kayla, Mace, Nina, Cobb, and Marge. I kept giggling seeing how Thane was *still* having to chase down his woman!

This is a wonderful addition to the Code Name Warrior's Challenge series - you cannot go wrong with any of these books!!

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